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Waxen - Terror Decree

Terror Decree
by Tatianny Ruiz at 15 October 2018, 11:50 AM

That term that says "do it yourself" is precisely what defines the caliber of the name WAXEN, the project of the American musician TOBY KNAPP, or also known as the guitarist of the band NECRYTIS.  Forget the technical file of this musician with full schedule and let's return our ears on its new release, the album "Terror Decree", released by Moribund Records on September 28, 2018.

I remember hearing about the name WAXEN in the middle of 2007 when someone showed me the album "Fumaroth" and it was some good years until I thought about hearing something again.  Between years I came across the sonority of this musician every time better and massacring would define well in 2006 when he introduced "Weihung auf Satan", well, two more years then and here we are and I can say that this face fits elements on a Death/Black base like no other and "Terror  Decree" keeps this gray plain sounding ambiguously and sharply.

Entering the initial track on "Denier" with energy riffs, drums at war, you have Toby's few vocal lines barely noticeable as well-defined solos jump in the middle of the track, and I really like how this musician groups so many elements in a way which makes the dark side of the Metal sound as fresh as anything else.  Certainly his whole experience transmits guitar lines as sharp as a razor so do not be surprised when tracks like "Wir kampfen" or "Ionized" direct you to a frozen atmosphere created naturally.  Right, it takes things on a different route, and maybe those traditionalist Black Metal fans do not feel so connected in this content but believe me, this is the best model I've heard so far for the style to sound without having to be repetitive like many albums released right now.

"I Pass Away" will still keep much of what the Black Metal knows well and Toby's vocals seem spit in the middle of the instrumentation while the drums and bass weave a sound war.  Potentially I believe that the best vein of this album is the brute energy played here, this allows the listener to constantly watch, skipping Death and Thrash frequencies at various points, and "Tyrant of Armageddon" and "Conflagration Elite" electrify this album frantically, and meanwhile you get a war troop on "Enter 731", here the bloody content of the genre comes to life by immersing this album into sheer chaos.  Undoubtedly a great asset of this album is the power it creates to impress fans of the most different styles, going to Power Metal lines combined with grunts, giddy soils that break the tracks phenomenally.  I'm very surprised at the growth of this musician, so being this his work second-hand or not this album puts him in focus now.  Adding elements, playing all instruments, short lyrics and full of anger, this is a musician that we must keep in attention.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Denier
2. Wir kampfen
3. Terror Decree
4. Ionized
5. Arc of Abomination
6. I Pass Away
7. Tyrant of Armageddon
8. Conflagration Elite
9. Enter 731
10. To See the Light
11. Blade from the West
12. Fortress of Zhongma
Toby Knapp- All Vocals and Instruments
Record Label: Moribund Records


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