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Waylander - Èriù’s Wheel Award winner

Èriù’s Wheel
by Craig Rider at 24 March 2019, 4:18 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WAYLANDER; signed via Listenable Records, hailing from Irish grounds - performing Celtic Folk Metal, on their 5th album entitled: “Èriù’s Wheel” (released March 22nd, 2019).

Since formation in 1993; the sextet in question have 5 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their 5th album entitled: “Èriù’s Wheel”. 9 tracks ranging at around 46:35; WAYLANDER arrange an intricately designed formula of Celtic Folk Metal developments, the spoken-word introduction: “Betwixt Times” begins the record - conveying burning flames “As Samhain Comes” advances into the terrain. Attributing amplified adrenaline; boistrously bouncy instrumentation, creatively captivation harmonies and a broad foundation of borderline grooves of concretely gritty gnarliness. Fabricated into a barraged frenzy of deadly diligence, flamboyant fabrications and uniquely ultilized versatility with vehement stability – demonstrating impressive amalgamations of Heavy/Doom/Folk culminations and crunchy implementations.

Consisting of ArdChieftain O'Hagan on vocals; the frontman distributes deep, guttural growls, shrieking with vengeful screams that relentlessly showcase salubriously roudy ramifications of profusely robust persistency. “Shortest Day, Longest Night” provides solid slabs of unprecedented riffs and solos from double duo guitarists: Saul McMichael & Tor Dennison; adroitly contributing diversely dynamic aesthetics, blistering with catchy characteristics in which inventively craft fashionable forges of finesse and frolicking haste of hostile firepower and expertise. “Imbolc” distributes complexly dextrous elements from Dave Briggs on the Folk Instrumentation; establishing constructively distinguished distinctions, consistently injecting infectious dosages of epic melodies of meticulous manifestations of progressively technical thunder.

Audible bassist Michael Proctor & drumming powerhouse Lee McCartney supply pounding hammering; efficiently battering intensely, fabricating immense orchestration of omnious pursuits of rapidly swift nimbleness & rambunctious ramifications. “The Vernal Dance” embellishes on experimental flair; detailed domination, converged into hardened hymns and a fluidly polished sound production mixed with memorably original songwriting stability. “Beltline” overarch’s with wonderously prodegious professionalism; quintessential seamlessness, sonic speed with mid-tempo mayhem – excelled into chugging gallops and combust executions in which blast into organic substances of riveting weight…slamming with traditional mergers of subjugation sub-genre remarkabilities.

As The Sun Stands Still” administers atmospheric ambience; examining elegantly exquisite components of conceptually classical contrast, heavily primitive systematics & skillful precision. WAYLANDER comprises of stampeding rampages while portraying unprecedented material, rhythmic soundscapes and an abundance of sophisticated musicalities that relish with monstrously meaty melodies. “To Feast at Lughnasadh” offers more supreme ultimatums of transitions in this landscape of lacerating momentums; enjoyably entertaining artistry of virtuosity, rawness & potent prowess. Overall concluding “Èriù’s Wheel” with the finale song: “Autumnal Blaze”; I am compelled to say that this here band certainly outdone themselves with this one.

I usually never listen to Folk Metal; aside from bands like KORPIKLANNI here and there, however - WAYLANDER have got me interested in discovering more in this genre as this record is a blast.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Originality: 10
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Betwixt Times
2. As Samhain Comes
3. Shortest Day, Longest Night
4. Imbolc
5. The Vernal Dance
6. Beltine
7. As the Sun Stands Still
8. To Feast at Lughnasadh
9. Autumnal Blaze
ArdChieftain O'Hagan - Vocals
Saul McMichael - Guitars
Michael Proctor - Bass
Lee McCartney - Drums
Dave Briggs - Folk Instruments
Tor Dennison - Guitars
Record Label: Listenable Records


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Edited 19 July 2019

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