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Wayne - Wayne (CD)

by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 13 July 2001, 11:55 AM

Legendary bands like Metal Church are linked to the pure Heavy sound that the 80's had to offer to the world for centuries, well remaining in our minds and…stereos.

David Wayne, a person closely linked to Metal Church for what he has offered to the heavy metal scene as the singer of the band for lots of priceless records, is not gonne!

Even though David won't be working again with Kurt Vanderhoof in Metal Church (and to come to think that David and Kurt were in Metal Church from the very beginning!) due to their obvious, personal differences and problems, David is decided to march through…on his own.

I won't mention anything else about Metal Church, Kurt Vanderhoof etc, just to let you read it all from our Interview with David Wayne which is quite revealing (and will be up very soon)!

I'll only mention the fact (which troubles me a bit) that this first album of David Wayne was going to be entitled 'Metal Church' but I noticed that Nuclear Blast changed it to…'Wayne' because I think David is having legal problems with his x-mates at Metal Church. Something of them being disturbed by him using the name 'Metal Church' as an album cover…Oh well, I don't know. Let's cut to the point, shall we?

Ten tracks strongly reminding me of Metal Church (the band) and how could they not remind me of it…since it's David Wayne's voice and personal style! The thematology is funny, weird and serious. 'The Choice' is about…Kurt Vanderhoof and it seems as if David is quite pissed off by the whole situation. I mean, writting a song about a guy you used to be together with in the same band? Nevertheless it's got the catchiest riff in the whole album and I'd mark it as 'favorite' amongst a few more from the entire album (that stand out as songs).

'The Hammer Will Fall' was originally entitled ….um, it's a bad word (haha) and I'm not supposed to mention it over here cause I'm a saint (yeah right), better find out in the interview. I won't say it has to do with a cock…ups! Bad word!

A song that really touches you emotionally (well me at least - no, no hankerchiefs) is 'The Ballad For Marianne'.

I'll make an overall conclusion saying that if you loved Metal Church (the band), I'm sure you'll like this CD even though it's nothing superb. It's David Wayne starting off something on his own but it seems more like a kind of 'revenge'. And you can definitely not make something be above medium if it's not done simply for the love for music…I'm only glad at least it's Heavy Fuckin' Metal (like in the good old 80's) and it's something you can listen to without kickin' the hell out of your stereo.

3 Star Rating

The Choice
The Hammer Will Fall
Soos Creek Cemetary
Burning At The Stake
Nightmare Part II
Ballad For Marianne
Missisippi Queen
David Wayne - Vocals
Mark Franco - Bass
Craig Wells - Guitar
Jimi Bell - Guitar
B.J. Zampa - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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