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We Are Legend - Fallen Angel

We Are Legend
Fallen Angel
by Kevin Lewis at 25 July 2022, 5:54 PM

WE ARE LEGEND is a Hard Rock band formed in 2010. Hailing from Germany, they bring elements of Power Metal mixed with Hard Rock and AOR to create a very accessible sound likely to please the masses. Using more melodic tones to construct their songs, they are likely to capture the attention of the classic rock fans that find the heavier versions of metal less appealing. The second full-length album, Fallen Angel, will be released via Metalapolis Records on July 29, 2022.

The disc opens with a mid-tempo rocker, “Tale of A Legend.” Heavier guitars with lighter piano tones give a bit of an offset that lightens the mood a bit. The vocals are mostly clean with some bits of distortion on the leads. The harmonized vocals are very nice. They really give the voices a much broader sound, creating a bigger feel. The bass and drums are solid, keeping a really steady pace, but not going overboard or unintentionally dominating the track.

Next, we have the title track, “Fallen Angel,” a song that begins with a deceptive piano intro. The piano tones give the impression of a possible ballad to come, but then the guitars open up and take the tone darker. Probably to be expected from a song titled, “Fallen Angel,” but it was still a bit of a shock. The lyrics are a bit darker as well, focusing on those abandoned by God. The guitar work is really good on this one, especially the solos. The rhythm is more prominent in this one as the song supports heavier, more present bass and intricate drumming.

Angel Station” has less kick to it, but still conveys a lot of power. This is not a ballad but structures a little more like one. The vocals are grittier, giving the tone a bit of “rough around the edges” to keep it from going full ballad. The bass line is much more prominent, sitting out front when the guitars are silent. We again get a female voice in the background, that being Eleonora, who features throughout the disc. She adds a bit of contrast to the vocal feel of the record since she is not part of the harmonized vocals with the other males. She is definitely a good addition.

You also have a song with a features guest vocalist, Simone Mularoni. She appears on “The Inner Circle,” a guitar heavy song with some killer lead piano work at the start. This is one of the heaviest songs on the record. The male lead vocals are gritty and distorted, though they do get up and hit some of the higher notes Selin is capable of achieving. This is the longest song on the disc, but not by much. There are three tracks over six minutes. The sporadic piano throughout this one work really well. It would be a great song to end a set on!

The disc ends on “A Human So Strange,” another song that opens with gentle piano tones, only to have that demolished by a heavy riff. They use some cool tempo shifts to give this song a few different feels. It has the heavy, the melodic and the power elements that again abut heavy metal without fully giving in to the temptation to step away from the general trend they have, which the harder edge of rock.

WE ARE LEGEND skirt really close to Heavy Metal, but never fully commit to crossing over. Some will say they do get into the metal realm. I guess that is a debate for music theory experts. I just like how they have a wide range of tempos and tones they use to create a massive sonic landscape. They don’t stick to one “signature” sound, instead experimenting with different textures to give themselves a better range with which to work.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Tale of A Legend
2. Fallen Angel
3. I Don't Care
4. Angel Station
5. Only God Forgives
6. I Am This One
7. Prayer for The Fallen
8. The Inner Circle
9. Society of Shadows
10. A Human So Strange
Selin Schönbeck – Vocals/Piano
Alex Endress – Bass/ Harmony Vocals
Fabio Alessandrini – Drums
Dirk Baur – Guitar/Harmony Vocals
Jimmy Konsta – Guitar
Eleonora - Additional Vocals
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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