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Weeping Silence - For The Unsung

Weeping Silence
For The Unsung
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 December 2012, 8:23 PM

Step by step, as I stride towards the personal niche of peace and quiet, I feel the heaviness, the burning shedding its skin out of my scalp and into the free world, lurking to find another victim to stumble upon. Sounds nasty doesn’t it? Well, maybe that is the feeling after a day’s work or probably it’s the feeling after an intense session with a slow tempo album perhaps? In my case, both are correct. But I can’t complain about it and I wouldn’t call it a situation that I endured in suffering. On the contrary, I had a sweet time examining another band that has been going through a process. WEEPING SILENCE, from the small island of Malta, has been around the Metal world since mid 90s and yeah they survived the test of time. It took them more than a decade to formulate their debut release that marked another depressive Doom Metal emblem melded with Gothic elements. From the point on things began rolling a bit faster than as WEEPING SILENCE, especially with their previous release, “Theater Of Life”, were able to assert themselves as a worthy Metallic venture right next to their significant influences as PARADISE LOST, EPICA, DRACONIAN, MY DYING BRIDE, LEAVES EYES, KATATONIA, CREMATORY and WITHIN TEMPTATION among many others that rose to glory. Newly signed to the British Ravenheart Music, and less than a year after their previous offering, WEEPING SILENCE unleash their new grey experience, “For The Unsung”, as if setting free their unspoken words in such a manner that those would never be forgotten.

“For The Unsung”, additionally, marks three milestones for the band. The long lasting lead angelic type female singer, Rachel Grech, made her final appearance in the band’s lineup. Second, Joseph Grech makes his debut performance as the band’s lead male vocalist providing the low to mid level growls of the vocalic duo. Third, and that is a sort of a mixed flavor of the two, WEEPING SILENCE began incorporating the duo of singers, each with his / her own specialty at administering the best of what they can do while creating a romantic variety of play, like a wicked dance of an seraph and a mischievous sprite, spread theater acts but in an intensified form of musical heaviness and hefty dramatic structures. I hope that this fine collaboration of voices won’t be terminated with Rachel Grech’s departure because this is one of the band’s greatest calling cards. I know it is not that unique as there are more than a few bands that share the same vocalic initiative but it all comes down to personal abilities.

Other than the double front end of the band that made its own gravitating magic, WEEPING SILENCE also left me intrigued by their musical performance and their production. Though I wasn’t exaggeratedly overwhelmed by the rhythm guitars that produced riffs that sounded pretty good following their smothered semi-straightforwardness, plainness and in a nutshell not too complex, I couldn’t help but see how those riffs delivered in a fine synergy with the vocals and emotive lead guitar licks that stationed to move my deeper sentiment here and there. There were a few solos that with their chosen notes just screamed agony and served their purpose well and to my taste. I wasn’t expecting a shredding display of wild abilities and I was glad that the band’s twin guitarists, Manuel Spiteri& Mario Ellul, knew how to singe my soul just right. I might also add that WEEPING SILENCE has a tight and punctual rhythm section, consisting of Sean Pollacco& Angelo Zammit, which kept the material steady as a rock. Honestly I haven’t never been that a huge fan of keyboards but without a doubt that Alison Ellulfulfilled another dimension in WEEPING SILENCE’s music and I believe that it couldn’t have been otherwise without her musical handle.

Throughout the shades of grey, blood and tears that swept the album, I enjoyed listening to “Your Darkest Hour” that really caught me off guard with its depth, “Love Lies Bleeding”, “Disillusioned” and “Mire Of Pity”sent me back years ago to awesome debut releases of WITHIN TEMPTATION and EPICA. Even though not so melodic but who needs guitar melodies when you have an harmonic vocalic duo up front.  “My Possession” cleared this album with an enchanting farewell to a great vocalist and the beginning of a new era, let’s prey that it would be a good one as this release and its previous contender.

4 Star Rating

1.Mourning Sighs Farewell
2.Love Lies Bleeding
4.Mire of Pity
5.Search Within
6.Fallen from Grace
7.Bitter Screams
8.Your Darkest Hour
9.My Possession
Rachel Grech - Vocals
Joseph Grech- Vocals
Manuel Spiteri- Guitars
Mario Ellul- Guitars
Sean Pollacco- Bass
Alison Ellul- Keyboards
Angelo Zammit- Drums
Record Label: Ravenheart Music


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