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Weightless World - The End of the Beginning

Weightless World
The End of the Beginning
by Sean McGuirk at 17 July 2019, 10:48 PM

Finland’s WEIGHTLESS WORLD have been around since 2011, but are just releasing their first official LP of modern melodic metal, “The End of the Beginning,” right here in 2019. The time spent crafting the sound for this disc was well-spent as the production is top-notch and glossy with an immersive quality typical of the Fins. Like OMNIUM GATHERUM or AMORPHIS, they ride that typical line of heavy Melo-Death chugs and harsh vocals with bright and shiny melodic turns in the chorus. The one differentiating element that seems to peer out over the din, for better or worse, is the vocals of Perttu Korhonen.

After the intro, a short sound effect of a heart monitor, “Savior” opens with an almost outlandish intro for the singer. Perhaps it’s the accent, but I was not prepared for the nasally high-pitched squeal that cut through the speakers. As the album rolls along and you get accustomed to the sound, it starts becoming clear why they chose him to join the band in 2016. He has a versatility and a personality that is undeniable, his voice switching between clean, harsh and a deep throaty spoken character. These are put to good use on “Dragon’s Fire,” a track that feels right in the AMORPHIS wheelhouse, with a sparkling lead in the chorus that feels electronic. “Fat Lady,” by contrast, has an adolescent aggressive tone similar to CHILDREN OF BODOM.

“The Pair” showcases Korhonen’s soft side, with some whispered sustain in his tone. The song builds into an eight-minute epic that has a beautiful array of transient guitar effects and a hard-hitting interlude that is sparked by a powerful performance from drummer Kari Rannila. “Colors” is a barn-burner and a highlight with some extremely tight and technical riffing from Juuso Oinonen and Valtteri Viinikka. Those two also get involved in the vocals on “Tides”, which builds on the emotion before an absolutely shredding climax with a lead solo that lifts it into another stratosphere.

This is a fine effort from an up-and-coming band, one that you’ve probably never heard of as I had trouble finding even the slightest information on them. Korhonen’s lead vocals may serve as a kind of litmus test for whether you will ever truly enjoy the band, but never being one to shy away from outside-the-box vocal stylings, I quickly found myself falling further into the music as it went along. It’s an extremely cohesive record with a sound that is effortless in its consistency, transporting you deep into its pleasant almost-Post-Metal landscape. The final track, “The End of the Beginning,” is desolate, yet hopeful, and full of a yearning that comes through in spades. It’s the beautiful sound of a young band just hitting their stride.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. 59
2. Savior
3. Dragon's Fire
4. Guillotine
5. Fat Lady
6. The Pair
7. Colors
8. Tides
9. The End of Beginning
Perttu Korhonen - Lead Vocals
Valtteri Viinikka - Guitars & Vocals
Juuso Oinonen - Guitars & Vocals
Tino Kantoluoto - Bass
Kari Rannila – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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