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Wharflurch – Shitslime

by Thomas Kumke at 28 March 2021, 8:00 PM

WHARFLURCH were formed in 2019 and they are one of the bands from the rich Death Metal reservoir in Florida. They play in principle Death Metal but with elements from a lot of genres such as Black Metal and Doom Metal. So far, the band released one demo, one split, and “Shitslime” is their second EP. WHARFLURCH cover lyrical themes about horror, Death, and space terror. The EP is an independent release and has a length of about 15 minutes.

Shitslime” is an interesting approach combining different styles and genres under the Death Metal umbrella. The opening song serves as a good example for this: it has traditional Death Metal aspects combined with Doom Metal typical sequences and there are also some SLAYER vibes in it. Starting with a frenzy sequence of hammering drums at blistering pace and crazy lead guitar sequences, transitioning into a doom-laden middle part played at slow tempo. Dark guitar riffs and gloomy lead guitar sequences lead the charge here with growls straight from hell at the low end of the guttural range. Another crazy and fast sequence transitions into “Plinth Of Bone” which continues with the dark and gloomy sound which lets the blood freeze. The darkness of the song is intensified by a synthesizer intro followed by a down-tempo sequence with powerful guitar riffs and lead guitar sequences. The middle part is slightly faster introducing a bit of catchiness in the rhythm. Joh Mamo introduces a few ear-deafening screams near the end of the song which contributes perfectly to the blackened nature of the song.

Obscured In Ichor” is a bit faster than the preceding track. It maintains the overall darkness of the sound and the highlight is an extended lead guitar solo near the end of the song. “Intergalactic Death Spectrum Vortex” has a strong beginning with a characteristic lead guitar sequence played at mid-tempo supported by a double-bass sequence before the tempo drops down into another Doom Metal dominated part. The song also has again typical SLAYER vibes in the lead guitar sequences half-way through the song slowly transitioning back into mid-tempo. Towards the end of the song, the theme of the sound returns to the lead guitar sequence from the beginning and the song concludes as powerful as it begun. “Intergalactic Death Spectrum Vortex” has also been released as video and the YouTube link is given below.

Shitslime” is a good Death Metal EP. It combines traditional Death Metal predominantly with Doom Metal and blackened elements and WHARFLURCH mix that very smartly. Including all those elements into their sound gives the band uniqueness and their own character. It also is evidence for good songwriting. I would have liked to hear more than those four songs. The EP is well produced. If “Shitslime” is an indication of what to come from WHARFLURCH in the future, Death Metal fans can be excited for the full-length albums from the band. I am very sure, WHARFLURCH will have a good future ahead of them.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. Sealing The Bore
2. Plinth Of Bone
3. Obscured In Ichor
4. Intergalactic Death Spectrum Vortex
Joh Mamo – Vocals
Myk Colby – Guitars
Chris Vigilante – Drums
Cary Smith – Bass
Record Label: Personal Records


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