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Whitechapel - Kin Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 January 2022, 7:25 AM

It’s common to see and hear a lot misconceptions and preconceptions against modern Metal genres. Obviously it shows the conservative roots that many people still have inside their hearts, in the those parts that no one like to see. But it’s a futile and poor thing, because music evolves with humanity, so Metal in the future will have a different outfit. Obviously you can like older forms, but there’s nothing wrong with the new ones, it’s just a matter of trying and get used to them. And as the English sextet WHITECHAPEL is praised amongst the others, to have a bit on “Kin”, their new album, can be of some help.

They’re labeled as a Deathcore band. The label isn’t enough to describe their musical work, for it’s not based on greasy and groovy instrumental as many, but in a deeper melancholic set of contrasts of distorted and aggressive parts with some tender and atmospheric ambiences (as can be heard on “Lost Boys”). Honestly, they’re more into a modern Melodic Death Metal tendency, using very good technical abilities and a brutal and violent grasp. And it’s really good. The band worked with Mark Lewis on the production, David Castillo on the mixing and Ted Jensen on the mastering. And the final result is something aggressive and modern, defined and that allows the quintet to express their ideas without problems. And they found a sonority that can blend the aggressiveness and modern approach of the sextet.

The album is very good from its beginning to its end. But for a first travel though its beauty and aggressiveness, the best ones are “I Will Find You” (very good work on the guitars, indeed), “Lost Boy” (where the contrasts between harsh parts with introspective moments can be heard clearly, showing the very good work of the vocals on the grunts and on clean tunes), “A Bloodsoaked Symphony” (where some guitars shows Modern Metal elements due the tunes used), “Anticure” (a bitter and explosive song, based on a strong and solid rhythm created by bass guitar and drums), “History is Silent” (another very good work from the guitars on the contrasts between aggressiveness and melancholy) and “Orphan” (a fine melodic work on the song, that gains some aggressiveness on the chorus), and “Kin” (with an introspective beauty that’s hard to resiste) are the right ones.

For now, WHITECHAPEL is confirming why their name is celebrated by many fans of modern Metal genres. “Kin” is really excellent!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. I Will Find You
2. Lost Boy
3. A Bloodsoaked Symphony
4. Anticure
5. The Ones That Made Us
6. History is Silent
7. To the Wolves
8. Orphan
9. Without You (instrumental)
10. Without Us
11. Kin
Phil Bozeman - Vocals
Alex Wade - Guitars
Ben Savage - Guitars
Zach Householder - Guitars
Gabe Crisp - Bass
Alex Rüdinger - Drums (session)
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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