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Whitechapel – The Valley Award winner

The Valley
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 21 April 2019, 8:26 PM

One of the most outstanding Deathcore bands in history WHITECHAPEL have released their latest album “The Valley”. This is their seventh album since they formed in 2006. There has been quite a controversy since the release of their single “Hickory Creek” over the fact that they have released an all clean vocal song. I personally think it is brilliant and that people need to be more open, especially when an album is very close to a member’s heart. All I am going to say on that matter is, if you consider clean singing on a track or two selling out, you need to stop listening to metal period.

This album is absolutely amazing, filled with great riffs played by Ben Savage, Zach Householder and Alex Wade. The Bass played by Gabe Crisp and drums played by Ben Harclerode are absolutely incredible. And of course the phenomenal Phil Bozeman on vocals. The album opens up with a very intense song called “When a Demon Defiles a Witch”, this song will blow your eardrums out so be very cautious on how high the volume is. It starts out with a nice slow melodic intro but takes 180 degree turn and goes hard as fuck. I am not going to be able to pick a favorite track off this album.

The Second song on the album is “Forgiveness Is Weakness” which is one of the heaviest tracks. This song has had me throwing down ever since I first heard it. The lyrics are absolutely incredible and show part of how he feels about his past situation. “Brimstone” is just as incredible as any song on this album. I really appreciate how intense it is all the while still having a groove sound to it. Now, the fourth song on the album “Hickory Creek” is the song that is drawing so much attention and splitting fans of WHITECHAPEL in half. It is an all clean song with no growls at all. A lot of people either love it or hate it. I for one think it’s amazing and am very glad that Phil was able to get some of his feelings out. This album can also help other people who have or are currently going through rough times in their lives. So to all the people hating on the album, YOU CAN KISS MY ENTIRE ASS. Get off your elitist high horses and think about other people for a change. Think about all the people that have been abused in their lives and could use this to help themselves. Anyways, I’m going to move onto the next song so I don’t just berate a bunch of idiots. The next song up is “Black Bear” and all I can say is damn! This song is a little short but in the short amount of time it rips!

“We Are One” is another song that tears shit up. I’m writing this review in front of non-Metalheads and they probably think I’m insane right now because I am headbanging. The fucking breakdown is killer and had my jaw on the floor. “The Other Side” is almost like a continuation of the last song. The guitars on this song really take the forefront. Like I said I can’t pick a favorite because they are all amazing. “Third Depth” just kills it. The way they blend the melodic and death is stunning. Phil’s cleans are one hundred percent on point. I am really happy with the direction they went with this whole album. “Lovelace” is a fucking banger and will definitely get your blood pumping. I want to start a pit right now but don’t want to end up in jail. I guarantee these country bumpkins would call the cops on me immediately.

The final song on the album is “Doom Woods” and I personally feel like it brings the whole thing together seamlessly. Funny enough it has a Doom Metal feel to it. All in all I think this is WHITECHAPEL’S  best album and think the haters need to just shut the fuck up. I have always listened to the band but now they have a huge fan. Keep up the great writing and I hope to see you all on tour soon!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. When a Demon Defiles a Witch
2. Forgiveness Is Weakness
3. Brimstone
4. Hickory Creek
5. Black Bear
6. We Are One
7. The Other Side
8. Third Depth
9. Lovelace
10. Doom Woods
Phil Bozeman – Vocals
Ben Savage – Guitar
Zach Householder – Guitar
Alex Wade – Guitar
Ben Harclerode – Drums
Gabe Crisp – Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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