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Wild Souls - Queen of my Heart Award winner

Wild Souls
Queen of my Heart
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 09 July 2020, 4:31 AM

When dealing with labels, one must be careful, because they can make mistakes. One fine example is the so called modern label Melodic Hard Rock. It’s linked to names as JOURNEY, BOSTON, KANSAS and others that, in reality, are AOR bands, or Arena Rock, or Soft Rock or any other name in this way, used to define those bands whose musicality is accessible for a broader public. It’s not a matter if they’re good or not, but they can reach those people to whom Metal and Hard Rock don’t have an initial appeal. And the Greek quintet WILD SOULS shows talent on “Queen of My Heart”.

Their music is really charming, with very good musical arrangements, charming melodies that are easily assimilated, catchy choruses, and a very good technical level. They’re in a way that could be a success in the North-American musical market on the USA back in the 80’s. It has some moments when names as JOURNEY, BON JOVI (specially on “Love Ain’t No Lie”, with keyboards parts like those used on Jon Bon Jovi’s band first album), BAD ENGLISH, GIUFFRIA and others. But these Greek boys have personality and talent, indeed. The only ‘but’ album the album resides on its sonority. It’s not as clean and defined as the band’s music deserved. Ok, maybe a search for an organic sound could be the cause for this, but even in this way, their music can be fully understood and assimilated (but the instrumental tunes became poorer for this). It’s good, but just that.

All their songs are great, indeed, but for a first visit on the work, the best ones are: “Nothing But Loving You” (a ‘put-the’house-down’ melodic AOR song, with excellent guitars and vocals, and a charming chorus), “Night Groove” (a song with a Glam/Hard Rock insight, with very good work from bass guitar and drums), “Love Ain’t No Lie” (a melodic and accessible set of melodies, very good keyboards parts, and a chorus that can be sung on the second hearing, this one could be a hit single in 1985 or 1986 on USA), “Ready to Rock” (a savage and catchy Hard/Glam Metal song, with dirty melodies and good guitar riffs), “Queen of My Heart” (a hit Hard ballad, with very good and energetic chorus, and what good vocals and backing vocals), “Sexcellent” (with a nasty and heavier approach, even being catchy due its melodies), and… I give up… Their music is so good, so catchy, so hear the entire album.

On the next album, WILD SOULS must work with a better producer, because it’s a sin that “Queen of My Heart” doesn’t have a high level sonority. For now, hear it and love it, because the songs of it overcome this problem.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Nothing But Loving You
2. Night Groove
3. Love Ain’t No Lie
4. Ready to Rock
5. Queen of My Heart
6. Sexcellent
7. I Remember You
8. Set Me Free
9. Snakebite
10. Hold Me Tight
11. Beyond the Stars
12. Street Eagles
George Nikolaou - Vocals
Kostis Tsiligiris - Guitars
Thanos Kalantzopoulos - Guitars
Leyteris Nasos - Bass
Michael Saroglou - Drums
Record Label: Lion's Pride Music


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