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Wind of the Black Mountains – Summoned by Shadows

Wind of the Black Mountains
Summoned by Shadows
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 19 February 2020, 8:16 AM

As you can see this is a compilation of the lesser-known songs in the band’s back catalogue. The status of the band is currently unknown and they have not released any new material since the 2002 release of “Black Sun Shall Rise”. Nothing has been released since the death of founding member Tchort. He was the solo band member for the band original demo released back independently in 1992 on tape.  He was also solo artist on the first EP: Force Fed into Blasphemy, also released in that year, this time through Moribund Records. The next release was the self-titled EP also with only Tchort. That was released via Laud Productions on tape. Sing Thou Unholy Servants was also released with Moribund Records back in 1998, Tchort again is the only credited band member. Jump forward to 2002 and the band released their first full-length album: Black Sun Shall Rise, still with Moribund Records. This time, Nybras was brought into be the drummer and the band’s second ever member. Metal Archives also credits Xaphan with working with the band since 1996, but no album confirms this. Necromodeus and Angzerhornbroals seemingly come into the band for this compilation; however, they could have also appeared on the unreleased tracks as mentioned earlier. Facebook states only Tchort with being the band founder and doing all Music & Vocals and Nybras as being the drummer on Black Sun Shall Rise

 “Rise from Embers” has a fast-paced start with the distortion on the instruments working well for the balance, you can hear the music clear enough but you know there is a distortion. The vocals are aggressive screams and the go very well with said melodies. There is clearly talent on show to balance this all out. The sound is a mix of Thrash, Death and 2nd Wave Black Metal, mixing together sounds that we have heard from other bands, but in doing it in Tchort’s own way it is a creative original.

Summoned by Shadows” is a lot faster, which sometimes means it cannot be controlled fully, that is not the case here. The balance of the song is fantastic. This song is faster and heavier, so it blends new sounds together, this one has more of a melodic harmony, still with some distortion, but it works so well. There are a few odd samples thrown in around the 3-minue mark, which makes the song into an acoustic style, but it goes together so well. It’s such a weird combo that it actually works.

Bring Forth Demonic Torture” continues with the high-speed levels of melodies. This one does dip the pace down to almost Sludge levels, but also keeps turning out the Thrash inspired riffs. The song holds itself together well, and although the vocals are hard to follow, they suit the melodies well so it does not become a big issue. “Bleed for Thy Sins” has a more progressive start, did not think I would be thinking that at all. Its slower approach will allow many changes to become apparent. Vocals are still snarling, and these do not appear that will ever change, but they suit the styles, so no change is needed. It is a strange approach, almost like an EVILFEAST song where it will change to a slower, darker and creepier style. Though this was probably written before EVILFEAST so it maybe their inspiration. The song feels like it is an outro to the album. It is a good trick when executed well, this is executed perfectly.

Mistress of Deception (O.B.I.T.C.) Part 2” sounds like a more New-Wave approach in the intro, clearly has some synth work in place.   It has a few growls, no real vocal work, so could be classed as an instrumental song. However, it sounds like it would be on an 80’s horror film soundtrack. Not sure why, but I think The Wicker Man. It is a weird song. “Force Fed into Blasphemy Pt.2” returns to actual music, not just the weird sampler tracks. The melodies are building, they are distorted and bent, but seemingly, this is a purposely done trick.  As an instrumental song, its not too bad, it has one or two changes, but sounds more experimental than progressive.

The Rite of Darkness (BATHORY COVER)” has a weird spoken start, though not surprising. The beat is up to the original levels, so it does that credit. It follows suit as the original lay down, so a mix and mealy of sound mashed together to create the harmonies required. It is not an easy song to vocally follow, but the intense tempo takes the song into enjoyable levels. “The Shadow (Hill of the Horned Goat)” sounds more like when DARKTHRONE decided to be a Thrash band. The sound is decent enough; the melody ticks along, although it has little pace. Vocals remain distorted and hard to follow, but we’ve got this far in this release without caring, so why start now. The song fads out towards the end with further Thrash riffs, it works really well. This now feels more like old school VENOM territory, which is never a bad thing.

Ssenkrad Fo Etir Eht” starts off with a very distorted approach, there are a few odd screams and the vocals are once more hard to follow. The melodies seem to be ticking over without expanding. A strange, much edited voice greets us at the end to close the song. Could have exploded once more after, but feels more like a warning to close. A weird ass trip down Black Metal memory lane. It will either kick-start you following the band and adding some of the songs to your playlists, or you may chose to ignore the songs. Not sure why this was done, it is not a major anniversary of an album or the death or Tchort, but hey. Enjoy!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Intro (Instrumental)
2. Rise from Embers
3. Summoned by Shadows
4. Bring Forth Demonic Torture
5. Midtro (Instrumental)
6. Bleed for Thy Sins
7. Outro (Instrumental)
8. Tchort Back Masking 1 (Sample)
9. Mistress of Deception (O.B.I.T.C.) Part 2
10. Tchort Back Masking 2 (Sample)
11. Forcefed Intro (Instrumental)
12. Force Fed into Blasphemy Pt.2 (Instrumental)
13. Tchort Back Masking 3 (Sample)
14. Beautiful Sorrow (Alt. Mix)
15. Thou Shall Not Mourn part.2 (Alt Mix)
16. Hail Sathanas (BEHERIT COVER) (Instrumental)
17. Force Fed into Blasphemy (Alt Mix)
18. The Rite of Darkness (BATHORY COVER)
19. Intro - Wind of the Black Mountains (Instrumental)
20. The Shadow (Hill of the Horned Goat)
21. The Rite of Darkness (BATHORY COVER)(Demo)
22. Thou Shall Not Mourn Part 2 (Instrumental)
23. Outro (Sample)
24. Ssenkrad Fo Etir Eht

Tracks 1-7 - From the "Summoned by Shadows" Sessions 2005-2006
Tracks 8-13 - Unreleased Studio Tracks from the “Sing Thou Unholy Servants” Studio Sessions 1995-1996
Tracks 14-15 - Rough Mix tracks from the “Sing Thou Unholy Servants" Studio Sessions 1995-1996
Tracks 16 - From “Beyond the Gate of Nanna - A Tribute To Beherit” Compilation 2002
Tracks 17-18 - From the “Force Fed into Blasphemy” 7”EP 1994
Tracks 19-23 - From the “Wind of the Black Mountains” Demo 1993
Chas Schoals aka Necromodeus – Backing Vocals
Sean Peters aka Xaphan – Guitars
Brian Seth Doty aka Angzerhornbroals – Bass Guitar, Keybaords,  Guitars & Backing Vocals
Tim Sever aka Nybras – Drums & Keyboards

Former Members (Credited with work on these songs)

Jeff Elrod aka Tchort - Vocals, Bass, Guitars (1992-2001) RIP
Record Label: Moribund Records


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