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Wind of the Black Mountains - Black Sun Shall Rise

Wind of the Black Mountains
Black Sun Shall Rise
by Aurora Kuczek at 24 March 2020, 1:36 PM

From the tangled grasses and shaken grounds come forth the WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS. Originating in Michigan, the black metal project formed in 1992, fashioning their sounds to incorporate satanic and other-worldly themes. Their reissue of their 2002 album, “Black Sun Shall Rise,” focuses on calling the darkness, escaping the sunlight that shines above.

Blackest Pitch” begins in a spoken verse of German combined with what sounds as if guns were shooting in the background. Ritualistic growls resound throughout the piece with a force of stringy guitars. A somber cloud of affliction drenches the tall grasses below, leaving only a trail to follow in “Bride of Lucifer.” The track features laughter, horrid screams, and a mechanical torture. The music dances and the drums play at a rhythm different from the rest. “Bleed for Thy Sins,” a more traditional, genre-inducing track, takes a wide-eyed listener into a tunnel with no exit. Within ideal groove patterns and an atmospheric, baseless, ambiance, the grasses rip the shoes from under ones’ feet. The nourishing dirt morphs into a dusted paste as groans become harsher in “Seduction Of Eve.”

Low synths ignite a dampened curiosity through a saying of “O Mighty Satan.” The children bow down to a horned figure, glowing with the night sky. The bells resound and a sense of echoed pain overcomes the song in a single gasp of air. Growled verses come forth in “Feast Of The Goat,” where the rhythm of the drum imitates the voices of the guitars. In a blackened death metal ending, the song fades towards the trees, as the grasses burn hollow to the floor. Similar sounds are heard through “Frost Of The Diabolical Forest.” Middle eastern sounding scales are spread across the track in an awakening of their ancestral paths. Whiney voices and panicked movements are creepily placed in the song. The album diverges though “L.U.S.T. (Living Under Satan’s Trust).” The track evokes a calming pleasure somewhere deep in the cavernous trees that surround the pale night. Acoustic guitars coupled with the sounds of a midnight horse galloping on the black pavement, makes for a prestigious and refined sound more so than the former of the album. The synths are strangely beautiful and majestic.

An Autumn Evening” shocks the soul and sends a race through the trees. High pitch and faded out guitars are lost through the run, and the drums outweigh the painstaking of the track. “Blasphemer” ends the album on an synthetic note. In a strange creature-like space, a magnetic field picks up from somewhere in the forest, diverging from the possible satanic-ness of the creation to a more sci-fi movement. The build towards the guitars were weak and out of place. The album ends on acoustics, delving in romantics of solemnness. “Black Sun Shall Rise” is an exhibition of the rawest of black metal pertaining to the feelings of satanic verses and rituals. The album is a bit on the lower scale of recording and production, but the idealistic themes are visually present.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Blackest Pitch
2.Bride of Lucifer
3. Bleed for Thy Sins
4. Seduction of Eve
5. Feast of the Goat
6. Frost of the Diabolical Forest
7. L.U.S.T. (Living Under Satan’s Trust)
8. An Autumn Evening
9. Blasphemer
Tchort - Founder/All Music & Vocals
Nybras - Drums (on 'B.S.S.R.')
Record Label: Moribund Records


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Edited 06 April 2020

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