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Winds Of Plague - Resistance

Winds Of Plague
by Emily Coulter at 12 November 2013, 1:13 AM

American Deathcore group WINDS OF PLAGUE have released their 4th studio album ''Resistance'' through Century Media. The album produced by Will Putney who has worked with bands such as MISS MAY I, THY ART IS MURDER and STRAY FROM THE PATH, meant the Deathcore group is obviously meant for big things ahead. The band has had notorious line-up changes since they began in 2002, only having 3 original members left but it seems they have hit it right with the best line up they have had so far.

''Open The Gates'' is a typical intro track for any Metalcore / Deathcore band. Opening up with symphonic keyboards for half the song before Johnny Plague screams the lyrics ''follow me to the city of woe, follow me to where the divinity dare not go'' it seems stupid that they even bothered making a music video for a mostly instrumental track. The second track is very catchy for a Deathcore track ''Say Hello To The Undertaker'' has melody by Nick Eash and Nick Piunno on guitars, enhanced by Alaana Potocnik on the keyboard. Cooke uses a range of vocals, low and high screams mixed with rough clean vocals. This is the best song on the album This song is for fans of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE who want to hear something much heavier. ''Sewer Mouth'' has rather a bland introduction but this song is pure Deathcore on its own. Cooke's vocals are more hard and raw in collaboration with the lyrics. Brandon Galindo's drum fills are constantly rolling through the song; the song has barely any melody but instead filled with constant breakdowns and miniature riffs. It's obvious that the producer has made some of the vocals stand out in parts more than others to give emphasis, but it really makes the track have a sparkle.

Opening up with Potocnik on keyboard and Galindo playing fast drum fills, ''Left for Dead'' sounds easily like a FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE song before Cooke opens up with his death metal vocals, you can actually feel the anger when he's screaming the lyrics. Though the song is 3.36 minutes long it just feels very unfinished at the end. This is one of the weakest songs on the album but still great, it proves how well WINDS OF PLAGUE can combine symphonic influences with their Deathcore sound. Another weak song sadly, ''One Foot In The Grave'' has nothing what makes it stand out. Cooke opens up the song accompanied by a loud breakdown, shouting the lyrics ''They're saying I've got one foot in the grave''. The keyboards do give a vague melody but the rolling breakdowns make the song boring and bland, bringing nothing new to a great album. With this track it sounds like they're trying to bring in a Hardcore influence mixing it with their original Deathcore sound.

''Time to Reap'' is alike to the previous song, although a stronger song it just doesn't have the sparkle other tracks on the album have. The song has more melody, a few more original riffs and the drums are typical Deathcore. Sadly the keyboard parts do not fit in anyway and it just feels odd to listen to, you feel relieved when the song is over. ''United Through Hatred'' has no death core influence here, not even the guitars. WINDS OF PLAUGE seem heavily influenced by bands such as YOUR DEMISE, TRAPPED UNDER ICE and BACKTRACK for the late half of the album. If the band keeps out the Deathcore and keyboards they could become a stupidly good Hardcore band as the sound does suit them. But soon enough the band are back with their original sound in ''Good Ol' Fashioned Bloodbath''. Djent-esqe complex riffs and solos by Nick Eash make this track bring the band back from the brink of creating a band album. The lyrics are angry and are a perfect showcase to show how Cooke can range his vocals so well that it sounds like there is multiple vocalists featured. The drums are simplistic but it compliments everything else. ''No Man Is My Master'' begins with a simplistic rhythm but the underlying riffs break into Cooke's gargle throated vocals. The best part of this track is Galindo's drumming, he really shows how fast he can go on the pedals, ranging from speeds in every part of the song it's as if he is leading the rest of the band. Everything else is still great but just a lot weaker compared to the previous songs.

The drumming yet again leads the way accompanied by symphonic keyboards in closing track ''Snake Eyes''. What makes this song so great is that you can actually feel everyone's input in the track: the guitars, bass, keyboard, drums and vocals nothing has been taken down a notch. ''Snake Eyes'' closes with a symphonic part before a small break. What makes the last song so special is that another song ''Looking for a Better Day'' is mixed in to the 6.22 song. This half of the song features Chris ''Fronz'' Fronzac of ATTILA, the obvious differences between Fronz and Cooke's voice give the song a varied range. It's obvious that there is a heavy ATTILA influence here though all written by WINDS OF PLAGUE.

The album has been received by a group of mixed reviews but it is obvious WINDS OF PLAGUE have made a great album worth listening to. It can be seen as different to their old sound, a lot of Hardcore influenced tracks can be heard but all bands do need to experiment. But what makes the album so special? The beautiful tribute to the late Mitch Lucker of SUICIDE SILENCE in the CD case. An image of Mitch with angel wings with ''legends never die'' written above.

4 Star Rating

1. Open The Gates
2. Say Hello To The Undertaker
3. Sewer Mouth
4. Left For Dead
5. One Foot In The Grave
6. Time To Reap
7. United Through Hatred
8. Good Ol' Fashioned Bloodbath
9. No Man Is My Master
10. Snake Eyes
11. Looking For A Better Day
Johnny ''Plague'' Cooke – Vocalist
Nick Eash – Lead Guitar
Nick Piunno – Rhythm Guitar
Andrew Glover – Bass
Alana Potocnik – Keyboards
Brandon Galindo - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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