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Winter Eternal - Realm of the Bleeding Shadows Award winner

Winter Eternal
Realm of the Bleeding Shadows
by Louise Brown at 14 August 2019, 11:50 PM

WINTER ETERNAL formed during 2011 in Athens, Greece. The Melodic Black Metal band has a total of four releases, including the album I'm reviewing currently, "Realm Of The Bleeding Shadows," which made its debut in June of this year.

The opening track, "Futile Quest," has a really good intro with plenty of melodic guitar riffs to make it stand out. I like the vocals a lot, too, but find myself wishing they were a little louder. This is an issue with how the track was mixed, NOT with the vocalist. The music overpowers the singing just enough that it's hard to fully appreciate the finished product. Otherwise, this is a pretty solid song. "Realm Of The Bleeding Shadows" has another great intro, which I certainly will not complain about. The vocals are stronger-sounding, making it easier to hear how powerful they actually are. The singer has an interesting voice which isn't easily described; I like it, that much I am certain of. The backing music has a sound to it that reminds me of some IRON MAIDEN songs I've heard over the years. The fantastic guitar-playing throughout the song is definitely a highlight. Simply an excellent track. "Darkness Guides Me" is faster-paced than the two previous tracks. The vocals sound harsher, yet manage to blend with the music in a manner that actually works very well. A nice melodic interlude takes place after the first two minutes which then expands into a guitar solo. There's something about the song that is strangely catchy, too. I find myself moving a lot while I listen to it as well as humming along with the chorus. "The Promise" is beautiful from the start. It has a medieval sound and spirit to it that are capable of melting even the hardest hearts. I was not expecting such a lovely piece of music, but I'm not the least bit upset about it. I am really impressed by the skill level of the band as musicians. Simply outstanding!

"Embrace The Old Ways" has a more aggressive sound and style to it, as well as plenty of attitude. I love the intro with its harder-edged tone as well as its higher energy. The vocals are perfect for the song; commanding, strident and irresistible. A brief, yet skillfully performed guitar solo is an added bonus. The song's mood shifts slightly as the music takes on a more melodic tone before returning to full power and speed once again. Yet another excellent track! "The Secrets Of Time" is also a faster, more aggressive song with lots of attitude. Everything about the song is fantastic- vocals, music, production, ALL of it. If I had to pick only one track to recommend it would probably be this one. The last songs on the album, "A Tearful Song," and "Monument To The Ruined Age," are further proof that WINTER ETERNAL is an exceptionally talented band that deserves much more attention from the Melodic Black Metal fans who are out there. Both tracks feature excellent music that will capture your interest as soon as you start to listen to them. I would go into more detail but why spoil it for you? Pick up your own copy of "Realm Of The Bleeding Shadows" so that you can hear how great these guys are for yourself. You won't regret it.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

  1. Futile Quest
    2) Realm of the Bleeding Shadows
    3) Darkness Guides Me
    4) The Promise
    5) Embrace the Old Ways
    6) The Secrets of Time
    7) A Tearful Song
    8) Monument to the Ruined Age

Soulreaper -  Vocals, guitar
Inferahl -  Bass
XII -  Drums

Record Label: Azermedoth Records


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