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WinterMoonShade - WinterMoonShade

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 11 February 2021, 9:41 AM

Since the 90’s, when MOONSPELL called foreign attention from Metal fans, the eyes of the Metalheads throughout the world turned to see if Portugal could have more Metal bands. And it was a great surprise to see many Metal acts from there in all the genres one could think of. Even for Black Metal, and on the genre, a new promising name is coming: WINTERMOONSHADE, a trio that is releasing its first album, “WinterMoonShade”.

Musically, the trio is focused on the creation of an Old School Melodic Black Metal approach. It’s similar in some ways to old SATYRICON, EMPEROR and ANCIENT, because they still have to sharpen their musical work in some ways, Bu for now, the crude energy and darkened approach of them show that they’re really talented, and can become a giant of the genre. The sound quality is the problem. It seems that they are ‘stoned’ in the old ways of recording and sounding of the past. But they can do something crude, but in a better way. It’s not something that sounds fuzzy or confuse, but it could be better than is presented on the album. Maybe the use of such crude instrumental tunes, but with a careful insight on the mixing, and things can be better on the next release.

For now, they show potential to deliver a strong Melodic Black Metal form of music, as can be heard on songs as “Walking Into Dusk” (this one shows good rhythmic changes on bass guitar and drums), “Low Tide Ghost” (somber guitar riffs and fine shrieks), “Gathering of Crows” (very good slow and bitter approach in some moments), “Legends & Myst” (this one shows a more traditional set of slow parts), and “Yellow Eyes Thunder”.

Sharping their music and using a better sonority will put WINTERMOONSHADE in the right direction to become a giant. But for now, as a first release, “WinterMoonShade” is showing that Portugal still has much potential to show.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Into Quiet Places
2. Walking Into Dusk
3. Low Tide Ghost
4. Gathering of Crows
5. Mother Nature Storm
6. Legends & Myst
7. Black Aura Night
8. Yellow Eyes Thunder
9. Fading Into Darkness
Haze - Vocals, Guitars
Fenrir - Bass
Zefir - Drums
Record Label: Black Spark Records


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Edited 05 March 2021

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