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Wisdom - Judas Award winner

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 July 2012, 7:51 PM

Already back in 2008, when I reviewed this band's EP of "At The Gates", I knew that there is something dormant waiting to burst out of its cage. It took them a few years to handle the bars, but they finally made it through and with flying colors. The Hungarian WISDOM release their second album, "Judas", while celebrating their signing to the on growing NoiseArt Records. Sharing their admiration to melodic Metal, these guys blasted through lands of myth and legend with the might that only European Power Metal could muster. It might sound normal, and even a bit of a chestnut when it comes both to the music and the themes. Nevertheless, you can't really argue with quality when you listen to one, can't you? With a fine production of modern origins but with that late 80s spike, WISDOM marches on to become the next early reincarnation of the German EDGUY along with a few extra and flamboyant ingredients on the side.

Leaving aside the fact that this group has merely the usual elements that create a good Power Metal act such as the sweeping melodic edge, mid to fast tempo chops, heavy rhythm section and an incredible sound, WISDOM made it perfectly clear that their aim was to attain a new vocal standard in that Metal genre while even crossing toward an operatic end. Their riffing might be addictive, also thankfully to an incredible sound production, but their vocal production is far better. Their new vocalist, which didn't take part in the early EP I examined, turned out to be the band's flagship and great leader. Other than his amazing voice, the main powerhouse of this release has been the choir, which was probably created by multi vocal channeled efforts, from the very beginning. Even though that I recognize the main motif behind the tracks that no matter how the riffing seems different, whether with the picking style or pace, everything will always come down to a majestic played chorus or a superb runner up pre chorus as an decisive intro. The written lyrics may present the same stories of Fantasy battles relying on old Tolkien tales or others of the kind, but with such an astounding victorious force behind the mic, the hails of glory are bound to tread on your door step.

The re-recording of "At The Gates", which was the star track that made me become a fan of this group, wasn't really needed to convince me that this release is amazing as others made it happen along the way. "Age Of Lies" crossing the barren lands with mid tempo heavy riffing, "Wander The World" storming with catchy riffing in both sonic speed and mid-level pace across the universe and "The Prodigal Sun" that will never come back home unless it is with the fires of vengeance convinced me that there is solid future for Euro Power Metal. WISDOM has many similarities with EDGUY, DREAM EVIL, early HAMMERFALL, HELLOWEEN, MYSTIC PROPHECY and countless of others even beyond Europe. They do have a knack to come across the same ideas along their catchy, even partially commercialized material but their overall performance is something else. There is a need for a little bit of originality but in their case, staying in their current state of mind isn't bad at all.

4 Star Rating

1. Fallin' Away from Grace
2. Somewhere Alone
3. Age of Lies
4. Live Forevermore
5. Wander the World
6. Heaven and Hell
7. Silent Hill
8. At the Gates
9. The Prodigal Son
10. Judas 
Gábor Nagy- Vocals
Gábor Kovács- Guitars
Zsolt Galambos- Guitars
Máté Molnár- Bass
Balázs Ágota- Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records


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