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Wisdom - Marching For Liberty Award winner

Marching For Liberty
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 12 September 2013, 12:40 PM

WISDOM is a Power Metal band from Hungary.  Formed in 2001, WISDOM released their self-titled EP in 2004, album ”Words Of Wisdom” in 2006, second album “Judas” in 2011 and their third album, entitled "Marching For Liberty", will hit the streets this coming September 27th via NoiseArt Records.

Before diving in, I have to let you know that every single track within this album is a masterpiece. The intro “World of the Free” might remind an Acapella oriented symphonic style. When push comes to shove, I instantly remembered their fantastic single “Heaven or Hell” out of the “Judas” album that is a hell of an emphasis of their music. Gabor Nagy, on vocals, has an amazing voice full of energy. The astounding rhythm section, tight and robust, along with the guitaring, are something else, so vibrant and melodic. Riding with catchy choruses, well worked songs representing a high level of composing with catchy moments.

WISDOM keeps on playing in spirit of RHAPSODY OF FIRE and DRAGONFORCE in opener “Dust of the Sun” though I think that “War of Angels” is the best on album, an epic hymn straight to the fields of battle with stronger riffs and an incredible solo. I also noticed a similarity to NIGHTWISH within the melodic chorus, highly memorable. “Take Me to Neverland” has power & melodic guitars with a dynamic rhythmic section, might recall STRATOVARIUS and one piece of a catchy. Title album track “Marching For Liberty” opens with an acoustic guitar right before barging with immense Metal, surging with melodies and a great all band choir, quite epic and diverse. “Failure Of Nature” rhythmic section & low tuned guitars dash in a BLACK SABBATH and DIO fashion, produced with a high quality with a mesmerizing wall of sound. “Wake Up My Life”, a great addition, gently flows with acoustics and top notch singing. I would also recommend “Have no Fear” with a SAXON flavor, catchy “The Martyr” with escalating Power Metal, “God Rest Your Soul” with an amazing guitar work and finally the power of “My Fairytale” with a chivalrous spirit. I must again comment about Gabor Nagy as a vocalist, Power Metal is the right place for him to be, suitable pattern of voice and impact that it creates.

WISDOM presents a high class level of Power Metal music. “Marching for Liberty” is the common ground for Melodic Metal fans, whether Heavy or Power. The music is so smooth, running fast, clear and catchy with great riffs and energetic rhythms, recalling the rising of the genre throughout the 90s. I am positive that after one listening session, you would want to head back again for this of Hungarian band.

5 Star Rating

1. World of the Free
2. Dust of the Sun
3. War of Angels
4. Failure of Nature
5. The Martyr
6. God Rest Your Soul
7. Take Me to Neverland
8. Wake Up My Life
9. My Fairytale
10. Have no Fear
11. Live Like a Beast
12. Marching for Liberty
Gabor Nagy - Vocals
Gabor Kovacs - Guitars
Mate Bodor - Guitars
Mate Molnar - Bass
Balazs Agota - Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records


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