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Witch Taint – Sons Of Midwestern Darkness Award winner

Witch Taint
Sons Of Midwestern Darkness
by Aurora Kuczek at 24 May 2020, 10:33 AM

WITCH TAINT’s latest release “Sons Of Midwestern Darkness,” is a comedic creation that explores and almost criticizes the metal scene’s prestige. The band is from Indiana, USA and made by two comedians, Dave Hill, and Phil Costello, posing as Lance The King Of Black Metal, and Matthias Backwards respectively. Through the usage of catchy rhythms and interludes which have the Lance and Matthias talking to one another, it is quite a strange yet enjoyable combination of metal and comedy. The band explores various styles of music from punk to power metal to rock to black metal, having a certain dialogue of each metal category investigated as well as castigating it. It is a uniquely one of a kind creation that made me laugh and wince all the way through.

Introduction” begins the tale with an ambiance of noise, and a low sounding voice that tells the listeners to proceed with caution before embarking on this musical creation. “We Are Your New Gods” features a woman singing, accompanied by a male’s voice. The rhythm is repetitive, yet catchy, and reminisces of old school punk. “Interlude: Black Metal VS. Death Metal” is a discussion about how black metal is better than death metal. It is a comedic conversation between Lance and Matthias about how black metal is superior. “Death To Death Metal” continues the exchange with a musical song. They are parodying listeners of death metal, but also the elitist behavior of the metal scene. Voices are high pitched, and the melody is memorable. Riffs spin around the piece, mocking the styles of traditional black metal.

Sons Of Satan” begins with harmonious tones. It mimics styles of early rock or hairbands with the sounds of the guitars. A woman sings ghastly, making the piece’s comedic role play a bit more grounded. Towards the end of the song, Satan appears talking to the members of the band, allowing the audience to reaffirm stereotypes. Another discussion point, “Interlude: Can One be Grim And Extreme All The Time?”, features Lance and Matthias now talking about being brutal versus not being brutal. Matthias tells the Lance not to be brutal in which Lance replies that he can do whatever he wants. “Changes (A Little Less Time for Satan)” is a very simple continuation of the previous argument. The song incorporates a piano into the midst of the album. The melody echoes throughout the song, and it is very solemn. Diverging to a different style, the song resembles alternative-styled music. As the riff changes, there is talking at the end of the work. Here, Matthias describes how through his story, Lance should not be brutal. “Viking Heaven” includes some sort of bagpipe-sounding instrument.

There is a rumbling off in the distance. This piece explores atmospheric black metal, with very similar riffs to how this style sounds. There is talking and screaming, in addition to power metal vocals. The breakdown features simple drums. There are complicated riffs. It is the land of Viking. “Ready 4 Lvv” is not too intricate. Wind instruments resound with the guitars. It is a bit folky and sort of hippie-music like. A woman sings over top. “Are You Ready (to Black Metal)?” has a punk undertone. The sounds bounce around, and it resembles an ounce of black metal. A crowd echoes in the night as parts repeat. In “Interlude: On the Grimness of Noodles” there are thunderstorms as the Lance and Matthias talk to one another. Matthias asks the other what Lance is eating, in which Lance replies, noodles and butter. “Sons Of Midwestern Darkness” starts with a loud bass. There are harmonious tones through the songs as the riffs climb and fall. The notes scream, as well as talk satanic visualizations. “The Dark Way” features an opera-like woman’s voice, singing majestically across the vacant space of the theater. It is a strange diversion of the work, but it fits into the parody of the music. There are synth notes and drumming sounds to accompany her melodious voice. It seems as if it were some sort of play.

Taint Of The Witch” continues the similar voices left in the previous start, but it is harsher. The drums double kick silently, and the voices are deep. The guitars stay on the same level they started and dance around the creation. The “Conclusion” wraps up the comedy. Lance and Matthias talk about worshiping Satan and how this was enjoyable to do. “Gods of the North (Bonus Track)” is much different than the previous tracks. It begins with a mooing of cows. This is an exploration that seems to be outside the parody. Sounding as a creation of doom, it is mixed with melodic riffs of the guitars. The opera-styled voice of a woman is also featured in here. “In the Hall of the Witch (Bonus Track)” is very power metal sounding as well as classic rock sounding. Voices are overlaid with one another. It features high pitched riffs and the catchy creation is repeated throughout the song.

Through the parodic elements of “Sons Of The Midwestern Darkness,” WITCH TAINT’s comedians managed to create not only a well-developed and enjoyable piece of music, but also a deranged form of comedy wrapped up in almost twenty songs—which is a lot of songs for a metal band. WITCH TAINT takes the listener on a journey through the black mountains discovering different types of music along the way. Although I think the dialogue could have been worded better, it added to the stereotypes and comedic factor of the album.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Introduction
2. We Are Your New Gods
3. Interlude: Black Metal VS. Death Metal
4. Death to Death Metal
5. Sons of Satan
6. Interlude: Can One be Grim and Extreme  All the Time?
7. Changes (A Little Less Time for Satan)
8. Viking Heaven
9. Ready 4 Lvv
10. Are You Ready (to Black Metal)?
11. Interlude: On the Grimness of Noodles
12. Sons of Midwestern Darkness
13. The Dark Way
14. Taint of the Witch
15. Conclusion
16. Gods of the North (Bonus Track)
17. In the Hall of the Witch (Bonus Track)
Lance the King of Black Metal (Dave Hill) – Guitars, Vocals, and Bass
Matthias Backwards (Phil Costello) – Vocals, Guitars, and Bass
Record Label: Tee Pee Records


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Edited 15 July 2020

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