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Witchers Creed - Awakened from the Tomb

Witchers Creed
Awakened from the Tomb
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 10 March 2019, 12:37 PM

Swedish NWOBHM/Doom Metal outfit are releasing a brand new album called "Awakening From the Tomb".These are young guys who have been spotted early for their particular old school influences even if they weren't born when most of them were released. They were formed in 2017 after being together in high school in a former band called ILLUSION. Emil Lundin did the vocals on that album and left after, then they've been signed with Ripple Music

"Witchers Creed" is the first song, with cowbell as its best. It has a very nice 70's feeling to it with nice grooving. BLACK SABBATH influences are obvious. The guitar delivers a cool solo, full of feeling. The production sounds old and vintage, that's quite cool. I may say they're not that much doom Metal but more Proto-Metal in my opinion even if they share their amount of classic doom like PENTAGRAM and TROUBLE.

"Depths of the Black Void" lets the bass do the talking. There is heavy riffing, with a catchy, moving song. Reminds me a little of WITCHCRAFT. The vocals are similar to Rod Evans (Early DEEP PURPLE,CAPTAIN BEYOND). The guitar parts are psychedelic and classic rock influenced. The structure of the song is simple but hyper effective and pleasant to hear. "Victims of Retribution" is more straight up Metal. I hear some TROUBLE. I may sound weird, but i can easily think of HENDRIX doing metal. The backing vocals are not very convincing but I accept it as it seems that they wanted it that way. This one sounds like a song doing time travel into the future.

"Raven's Claw" starts with a mean fuzzy bass. The cowbell is back haha. This one has a more stoner rock structure while playing in the doom and metal playground. The guitar is dirtier and fatter. This track is very interesting…heartfelt and simple. "Larissa" starts and I can't help thinking of BLACK SABBATH's "Sign of the Southern Cross" or England's WITCHCRAFT. It's a very nice ballad to relax to, thinking about the past, or other ways to pass your time. "Rituals of Decay" starts with some kind of broken piano. Detuned is the least I can say. When the first notes hits the fan, it's amazing and excellent. There is saturated bass and it shows the path while the guitar spreads her black wings over us. This one is darker than the others and i like it.

"Salem (Ressurection)" is surreal. REVEREND BIZARRE influenced or my name's not Martin. The second half of the album is a little more closer to the darker side. "You are Doomed" says mister lundil, that's right and I like it man! The second part of the song evolves into a more faster delivering until reaching the pattern involved first and then it dies with a short fade out. "Monolith" shows a nice approach worthy of masters in the genre. This one is an invitation to a sacred place, at night, to share and learn about unknown secrets. I must say that this one is like a trip in a desert, flying over canyons, or a meeting at night around that huge monolithic rock. I really dig this one and hope they will venture more in these areas of their creativity.

"Awaken from the Tomb" is the closer and is the ultimate encounter on this album. An instrumental of a little less than four minutes, that shows maturity, closes the circle and summons our desire for more. And i know there will be more, cause i need it, period.

Songwriting: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Witchers Creed
2. Depths of the Black Void
3. Victims of Retribution
4. Raven's Claw
5. Larissa
6. Rituals of Decay
7. Salem (Resurrection)
8. Monolith
9. Outro (Awakened From the Tomb)
Filip Andersson - Guitar
Emil Bjällerhag - Bass & Backup vocals
Charlie Rangstedt - Drums
Emil Lundin - Vocals 
Record Label: Ripple Music


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