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Witches – The Fates

The Fates
by William Travers at 06 July 2020, 10:48 AM

Double, double, toil and trouble. French Thrash heavyweights WITCHES have returned with a vengeance to bring their relentlessly aggressive sound to both their loyal fans and those that are yet to discover the group. With their 30+ years of experience and a very impressive back catalogue you can guarantee that this album will be nothing short of exceptional.

The artwork plays to the horror themes of the groups title. With quite a busy image the viewers eyes are drawn all over to the distressing images of heads hanging from meat hooks, intestines being ran through some sort of machine and the focal point of the Witch its self.

With absolutely no frills and no fucking around what so ever we are thrust into a brutally fast paced track. “We Are” is full of energy and attitude which is then accented by the vocals of Sibylle, the effects added during the mixing help to create this mystical sound to her voice, unless of course I am mistaken and she actually sounds like that in real life?! However, WITCHES have instantly shown their hand, opening the album with a strong statement of intent such as this.

The energy and ruthless music continues through “Inside” and onwards into “Damned Skin Is Mine”. The fast paced and electric music is accented by brutal breakdowns that just allow a slither of breath before the aural assault re commences in earnest. “Black From Sorrow” seems to almost invert the formulae, being the first track, we have come to that doesn’t fly straight into an impossibly fast paced riff. Instead, it is much more calculated and deliberate, slowing the overall pace down, with slithers of the intensity seen throughout the previous tracks, this effect is being used expertly to allow the listener a semblance of calm (relatively speaking of course) before the chaos and tenacity continues.

“Feared And Adored” brings us back to the intensity experienced throughout the earlier parts of the album, strong aggressive riffs, untiring and brutal rhythms from Jon behind the drums and an overall unwavering attitude of the group.

The remaining tracks from “The Fates” continue with this brutal assault on the listener. Full of intensity, relentless energy and a seeming unwillingness to compromise their style of music for anyone or anything all the way up to the final, impressive, vocal line, something sometimes one may find lacking in other releases!

Overall, this was an enjoyable listen. The old school Thrash style is something that you don’t always come across anymore, it reminded me of KREATOR meets SLAYER and I have once again discovered a band that, although they have been around for sometime I have not experienced before. I look forward to trying to catch these guys in the future!

Song writing: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. We Are
2. Inside
3. Damned Skin Is Mine
4. Black From Sorrow
5. Feared And Adored
6. Off The Flesh
7. Let Stones Fall
8. Last Wishes
9. Death In The Middle Ages
Sibylle Colin-Tocquaine – Guitars / Vocals
Lienj – Guitars / Bass
Jonathan Jure – Drums
Record Label: Mighty Spell Records


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