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Within Destruction - Void

Within Destruction
by Paul Carr at 16 August 2016, 8:19 AM

Within Destruction is a band that doesn’t do subtlety. They have a very particular world view and on this, the band’s second full length album, the world is a nihilistic and brutal place. “Dark Impairment” provides a sinister opening, sounding genuinely unnerving. It could soundtrack the most twisted horror film imaginable.  At its conclusion, the listener is immediately pummelled by the call to arms of second song “Void”. This is one of the most savage and merciless songs on the album and perfectly exemplifies what follows. The album continues at a relentless pace, with the listening barely having time to think between songs.

“A Spiral Rift towards Damnation” has a beat so heavy, that played loud enough, could lead to a minor earthquake. However, they manage to combine it with a melody previously unheard of in their work. This is mirrored in “Martyrs (of the Windigo)” and demonstrates how, when they break free from the genre, they are capable of some truly compelling music. Sadly, these examples of expansion are few and far between. Their dogged commitment to chugging riffs sometimes means that some songs can sound overly repetitive. What is really needed is some kind of shift in dynamics to keep the listener on their toes.

The musicianship on show here is admirable. Drummer Luka Vezzosi owns all of the songs here with his frenetic drumming. The kick drum on “Rebirth of an Inverted World” is teeth rattlingly vicious.  Similarly, the guitar work on “Plague of Immortality” has to be heard to be believed. Thankfully, there isn’t an over reliance on breakdowns in the songs. The ones that are present serve the song and are as punishing and abrasive as one would hope. Rok Rupnik’s singing is, as anticipated, full of volatile intensity. There is no doubting his ability. Nevertheless, some of the songs would benefit from greater variation as the reliance on his guttural growl can become a little exhausting. The album is unapologetically blunt from start to finish. While, more variety would have been nice, at its height it recalls the leading bands of deathcore at their most savage.  It is a welcome addition to the genre.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Dark Impairment
2. Void
3. Plague of Immortality
4. Desecration of the Elapsed
5. Rebirth of an Inverted World
6. A Spiral Rift towards Damnation
7. An Unforeseeable Anomaly
8. The Wrath of Kezziah
9. Martyrs (of the Wendigo)
Rok Rupnik - Vocals
Damir Juretic - Guitar
Janez Skumavc - Bass
Luka Vezzosi - Drums
Record Label: Rising Nemesis Records


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