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Within Destruction - Deathwish Award winner

Within Destruction
by John Paul Romero at 17 December 2018, 1:17 AM

Slovenian death metal act WITHIN DESTRUCTION returns into the stage two years after their death metal release “Void” as a shit-ton heavier deathcore ensemble. They have created an eleven-track sonic artillery in the name of “Deathwish”, a 37-minute experience of pure pounding, earthquake-summoning levels of heavy music. I’ll leave it right from here: this album is the heaviest and most guttural deathcore release this year. The typical genre labeling doesn’t work here, although some might say that they are not “trve slam” because they have a lot of deathcore elements in their music. Here’s the only thing I can say about those comments: Fuck off. Crossing the breakdowns of deathcore and the ultra-deep bass bedrock of slam death metal turned out to be a good idea, and this band did it perfectly.

So, how exactly does it sound? Well, there are only two adjectives – brutal, and heavy. Heavy as fuck! The music is so heavy and dense it could create its own gravity well and swallow your entirety. I can assure you that this album is bound to destroy, pulverize and annihilate everything on its wake. Having said that, you know what to expect – bass and drums playing the role of main assault weapons, all layered over by Rok’s guttural and unforgiving growls and mad pig squeals. You also cannot take away the breakdowns, which is a vital part of the album. If you are more on the melodic and technical side, you barely can find it here. The album has one mission: destroy. It’s all about brutality, it’s all about aggression.

The production is also excellent, although the instruments are all explosive, you can observe that they are perfectly aligned with each other. Also, the duration of the songs are of average length, dancing on the 3:40 line. With that, there is no single second of wastage, every moment is eventful. The only track that I will mention here is the one I found issue with – “Torture Ritual”. The tune is very generic, that you would mistake it to any, as in any particular deathcore song. The short drum intro that transitions into the grumpy riffs is very common to every deathcore song in the world. Good thing this issue did not repeat itself. Overall, the album is amazing. All those genre stereotypes are shit. Go ahead and listen to this album, and witness yourself get blown.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. External Interference
2. Deathwish
3. False Revelation
4. Extinction
5. Torture Ritual
6. Human Defect
7. Downfall of Humanity
8. Darkness Swallows Life
9. Self-Hatred
10. Death Awaits Us All
11. HMR45
Luka Vezzosi – Drums
Rok Rupnik – Vocals
Janez Skumavc – Bass
Damir Frlan – Guitars
Kristjan Bajuk – Guitars
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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