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Wolfpack – A.D. Award winner

by Joseph Hausmann at 07 April 2020, 6:58 PM

The Hardcore genre has progressively become more and more aggressive musically throughout the years. WOLFPACK is a testament to that statement. Blending Metalcore aspects with heavier sounds, this band is a bludgeoning force blazing their path throughout the metal scene of Paris. "A.D." is their first EP following their second full-length album, released through BDHW Records on March 6th 2020. This EP seethes savage brutality and is laced with bludgeoning instrumentals.

"Lurk" kicks off "A.D." and the first thought that came to my mind is: DAMN these guys mean business. The beginning has an eerie sound of Industrial elements that build into insane blast beating madness before dropping the floor out from under you into some sludgy, heavy instrumentals. The guitars are tuned down so low that it almost feels like their sound literally crushes your soul. It also has a very interesting clean guitar break mid-song that gives you just enough of a respite before they go in and destroy again. "Haze" is a fast paced, driving track. The instrumentals set the groove and just rocket you into one hell of ride! The vocals are overwhelmingly powerful and accentuate the instrumentals well. There is a heavy groove to this track and you'll find yourself headbanging without realizing it. The breakdown is savage and those heavy low tones really add weight to the song.

"Calcine" has a Death Metal feel to it. They then use those Death Metal elements and blend them into Hardcore insanity. This track gave me a sense of the diversity that WOLFPACK employs and how well they blend all of the elements that they use. This track also uses a dark speaking tone to convey a dark feel. The drum work is crazy through it, as if the drummer wanted to sound like a machine gun and it fits very well when supporting the guitars. "Tapeworm" showcases the vocal ranges of the vocalist. The high screams are paired with low gutturals and then blended with a moderate amount of clean singing to add more layers to this track. Those vocals bring to a savage height and then the instrumentals rocket you down into more low toned depths giving the track a constant state of ebb and flow. "Prisoner" rounds out the EP with some electronic elements that are subtly blended with heavier sounds. The chorus is a mixture of clean vocals and eviscerating screams. The track then breaks open into a driving instrumental section that diversifies the track even further.

"A.D." is an extremely well-rounded and heavy EP. I really wish there was more to this continuation from WOLFPACK. There is so much to this EP that I think many fans of metal will enjoy thoroughly as I have. The production quality is damn good as well. With powerful vocals like this, sometimes they can drown out the instrumentals but in the case of WOLFPACK they took the time to make sure that the vocals were blended well with the instrumentals so as not to lose some of the audio quality. That can be difficult to do and they did a great job with that. I would highly recommend listening to this EP!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Lurk
2. Haze
3. Calcine
4. Tapeworm
5. Prisoner
Hadrien – Vocals
Kevin – Bass
Nicolas – Drums
Al – Guitar
JP – Guitar
Record Label: BDHW Records


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