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Wolfpakk - Rise Of The Animal

Rise Of The Animal
by YngwieViking at 13 February 2015, 11:05 AM

For the third time the roaring Wolves are back, the Hard Rock/melodic Metal allstar pack, led by the turbulent duo of vocalists Mark Sweeney (ex CRYSTAL BALL) and Michael Voss (MAD MAX/MSG/CASANOVA), will release the last part of their successful triptych entitled “Rise Of The Animal“ on February 27th.

The duet of Alpha Wolves are still working as a perfect creative team with the same focus and the original spirit is still intact: The high-class traditional Heavy sound, their songwriting abilities and their connections in the biz are the main attractive and the obvious common point with each WOLFPAKK releases. Since day one, the concept of this amazing project was to reveal the essential talent of Voss & Sweeney with some high level musical performances, and to let the world knowing it by adding maybe an enlightenment provided by the reputation and the notoriety of the famous guests of players and singers.

The talented binomial of Voss / Sweeney wrote all the songs together except for the lubricious hit-single “Sock It To Me” and the title track that was made with the helping hand of Axe player Martin Rauber (he’s also in charge of all the guitars in “High Roller”), they were also responsible for the production and the mixing duties, and of course they performed some ferocious lead vocals in duet or trio with the sublime collaboration of a famous bunch of Metal screamers.

This new masterpiece is tremendously polished and carefully produced, after two excellent releases, the main problem is to reach the same degree of perfection, but their commitment for their art and their dedication was decisive in the triumphal result and yes, once again the guest list is vertiginous and expansive to the point of insanity, featuring talented current and former musicians from just about every renowned band in the Hard Rock and Power/Classic Metal genre!

Running under the strong wake of their previous remarkable works and the success of their first acclaimed albums, they use the same subtle recipe: A first class Hard Rock choral project influenced by the old nature of the pure Euro Metal sound. The opening track is clearly spawned from their initial method, like a ACCEPT meets PRIEST in a fury of demented drums fills courtesy of the Mohawk Heavy hitter Mike Terrana. This time the whole sound design is more tagged in the 80’s sing along orientation, maybe a little less Germanic than the early albums, even if the pace is keeping its fast tradition, of course some part of the tunes are especially crafted for the guest vocalists, like the chorus of the Sleaze Metal anthem “Monkey On Your Back”, which is clearly designed for the Ted Poley vocal style, the Hair Metal impression is even reinforced by the Guitar solo of CASABLANCA leader Ryan Roxie. One of the highlights is of course the Epic “Highlands” even if I think that the voice of the almighty Joe Lynn Turner is underemployed, the song is clearly a winner!

”we are predators…Against the wind and rain – we carry on” those words are coming from the magnificent and touching “Black Wolf” featuring the hyper-talented Rick Altzi, which is also a very interesting number, the trio of voices is matching perfectly in this pieces that starts with an acoustic intro… The gang backing vocal chorus is particulary efficient… Superbly Heavy; another essential tune! Swedish champion John Norum is giving his six strings maximum, for the very predictable double kick driven cut “Somewhere Beyond” with also the ubiquitous David Reece on Vocals!

The next track contains some great performances by Don Dokken & Doug Aldrich and as always some clever arrangements but the best is yet to come. The most outstanding moment of the albums is the epic “Rise Of The Animal”, with the impressive Mr Kiske who provide his typical high flux of ultrasonic pitch yelling, embellished by a fast pace and a dramatic dimension, a melodic power frenzy somewhere between HELLOWEEN and PRIMAL FEAR with a little something from RAGE. At the final slot, the track “Universe” is somewhat ordinary even if the soprano vocals of Miss Michaela Schober are quite good, I can’t connect with the melodic stream and the shift of style!

Finally, “Rise Of The Animal” is another chapter for this highly acclaimed project, a perfect sequel for their trilogy ,but it’s not the end… I heard about a fourth episode and who knows maybe one day a live presentation… I wish and pray the gods for this eventuality.

4 Star Rating

1. Rider Of The Storm
2. Sock It To Me
3. Monkey On Your Back
4. Highlands
5. Black Wolf
6. Somewhere Beyond
7. Running Out Of Time
8. Grizzly Man
9. High Roller
10. Rise Of The Animal
11. Universe
Main Band:

Mark Sweeney – Lead Vocals
Michael Voss – Lead Vocals/Lead Guitars/Bass
Gereon Homann – Drums
Jean-Marc Viller – Backing Vocals
Martin Rauber – Guitars
Chris Ivo – Keyboards

Guest Musicians:

Marc Storace – Guest Vocals
Michael Kiske – Guest Vocals
Andi Deris – Guest Vocals
Ted Poley – Guest Vocals
Joe Lynn Turner – Guest Vocals
Rick Altzi – Guest Vocals
David Reece – Guest Vocals
Charlie Huhn – Guest Vocals
Don Dokken – Guest Vocals
Michaela Schober – Guest Vocals

Jeff Watson – Lead Guitars
Ryan Roxie – Lead Guitars
Bernie Torme  – Lead Guitars

John Norum – Lead Guitars
Doug Aldrich – Lead Guitars
Axel Rudi Pell – Lead Guitars
Martin Rauber  – Lead Guitars

Bob Daisley – Bass
Al Barrow – Bass
Barend Courbois – Bass

Pablo Allen – Bagpipes

Mike Terrana – Drums
Mark Schulman - Drums
Simon Philips - Drums
Chris Slade - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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