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Wolok – The Bilious Hues of Gloom

The Bilious Hues of Gloom
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 02 December 2022, 11:36 AM

Black/Doom Metal band WOLOK formed in France in 2003. Following a few releases, they are now ready to present their 2022 release titled “The Bilious Hues of Gloom.” The album has six songs, and “The Slough of Despond” is the first. It begins with thick and fuzzy tones, and somewhat muted production that sounds like all of the mids are turned up. The vocals are really more grunts and utterances. The music is very dark and has an Industrial edge it in that it rides out a central sound throughout the song.

“Yellow Bile” has a similar pace and sound. Those backing elements are odd, and bit eerie sounding. The odd part about the song is that the almost comical value of the effects clash hard against and otherwise dull and weighted sound. “Gospel Truth” features a nihilistic sound that barely even borders on “music.” The riff consists of three very low notes that are repeated in a slow, grinding fashion with vocals that are near whispers. The sound picks up a little for the final couple of minutes. “Opalescent” means “showing varying colors as an opal does.” But the song shows no color at all; only varying shades of grey and darkness. In the background, it sounds like someone is being tortured.

“Blotches” features more of those eerie electronic elements and a heavy, punishing mid-section. The vocals are delivered in much the same manner as before, but those pulsing background notes give it a scientific sound of sorts. The lengthy “Downfallen” closes the album. More strange and harrowing electronic sounds accompany the heavy riff. The crushing weight of this sound could pulverize stone to dust. Those eerie tones could put a spell and you and hypnotize you to their will. This was an interesting album. I am always looking for something different, and something off the beaten path. This was both. Dark, creepy and spectral in nature, the lack of dynamism in the music is actually its strength.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Slough of Despond
2. Yellow Bile
3. Gospel Truth
4. Opalescent
5. Blotches
6. Downfallen
Cypher – Drums, Arrangements
Eymeric Germain – Guitars, Drums, Effects, Keyboards
Lhükkmer'thz – Vocals
Record Label: Brucia Records


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