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Womit Angel - Under Sadistic Pressure

Womit Angel
Under Sadistic Pressure
by James Brizuela at 12 November 2019, 6:20 AM

WÖMIT ANGEL, a blackened thrash band, originally formed in 2010 in Finland. They offer up a punk inspired thrash black metal sound. Their latest offering is a full-length album entitled, “Under Sadistic Pressure”. What is completely interesting is the fierceness of WÖMIT ANGEL’s music. It is pure adrenaline! They come with full force in the opening track, “Religion Latex Suffocate”. You get the first dose of the pure exasperating speed of their music. I am a huge fan of punk and thrash, so to hear this level of both infused with a black metal undertone is intriguing. Even though the tracks are short in length, you are still presented with some differing styles at times.

Slaugherbuster” offers a slowed down tempo that brings in a more prototypical black metal and death metal sound to it. To offer up not just blistering speeds of music showcases some of the musicianship that the band achieves in this album.  I can imagine seeing WÖMIT ANGEL live would be quite entertaining. Their music is like banging your head against a wall repeatedly, but in a very technical way. I love the backing gutter vocals on “Paindomain”. Now they are pandering to my love for death metal as well. Also, you get some insane and impressive guitar soloing in the track. WÖMIT ANGEL is not a one trick pony. Their music may be for speed demons, but they have some impressive technical ability as well.

Sadocommand” offers some of the old school thrash sound to it, but of course with the completely chaotic spin of WÖMIT ANGEL. Again, there is a return to the impressive guitar work. “Under Sadistic Pressure” comes in as the longest track on the album, also being the most diverse. There is some prog-like technicality that is present in the track. Also, an almost power metal feel to it. That is the most surprising thing about WÖMIT ANGEL, they come out of nowhere with their musicianship. It is very impressive to hear the album change direction from being purely speed to a more technical side. I am all for it.

Under Sadistic Pressure” is pure mayhem from start to finish. Take the best parts of grindcore, punk, death metal, black metal, thrash, and throw them into a blender. That mixture is WÖMIT ANGEL. The album is pure adrenaline with some musical surprises along the way. WÖMIT ANGEL has some surprisingly genre blending that was not expected, but very welcomed. Bang your head to this.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Religion Latex Suffocate
2. Slaughterbuster
3. Paindomain
4. Doom to the Known World
5. Impaled in the Name of Grotesque Triumph
6. Diabolical Aftermateria
7. Sadocommand
8. Flesh Necrotic Lunacy
9. Ominous Bloodletting Ritual
10. Under Sadistic Pressure
11. I Kill Everything I Fuck
J-Violatör – Guitars
W. Horepreacher – Vocals, Bass
Atomic Torment – Drums
Record Label: Reaper Metal Productions


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