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Wonders - The Fragments of Wonder

The Fragments of Wonder
by Kevin Lewis at 10 January 2022, 1:05 PM

WONDERS is an Italian Power Metal band formed in 2020. They use a more modern band structure, incorporating only one guitarist and using keyboards for the second lead, which gives a more melodic sound and even skirts the fringes of symphonic at times. Their debut disc, “The Fragments of Wonder,” was released on November 12, 2021, via Limb Records.

The record starts off with the fast paced “Good & Bad.” The riff is really solid and is handled by both keys and guitars. They trade off taking the lead and throwing in some quick fills here and there. The bass and drums build a great foundation. The vocals fit into the tune quite nicely. With a little grit added in some places for emphasis, the clean vocals are highlighted well.

Pretender” is another solid song, though initially more into the melodic power realm. The slower tempo gives it a ballad-like feel at times. The vocals are soft and clean and hit some impressive notes. Marco can dig deep or fly high, all based on what the song needs in that section. His ability to shift back and forth is not only classic power metal, but his is a great example of how to work those ranges.

For a bit of difference, we go to “Beyond Redemption.” This is faster power metal song at the onset. The melodic comes in for the verses. The guitars are quite good, carrying a bit of a darker tone and maintaining a really quick tempo. The keys lurk underneath the riff most of this song, giving a lot of support and building a haunted ambiance. Rather than a full lead riff on the keys, these are more Jon Lord style, and true to that legendary keyboard player, the solo is out of this world.

The epic, seriously power metal song is “Where the Sun Don’t Shine.” The guitars have that classic, triumphant sound you associate with bands like WONDERS. The keyboards take a more prominent role, playing lead along with the guitars. The rhythm is thundering with the bass and drums going from an epic, pounding sound to a racing fury that builds the song up to a massive wall of sound. This is the song that makes you want to march into battle knowing you have an army behind you for support.

The record wraps with “Fragments of Wonder.” This is a great finale. The guitars and keys work together at times, but also do a bit of their own thing in other sections, each taking their own lead segments. There are clean and gritty vocals, killer variable drum and bass lines, and tons of great atmosphere all over this tune. The variety of tones and tempos in this one really showcases the skill of WONDERS, both as songwriters and instrumentalists.

This is a solid debut record. There are a lot of Power Metal bands out there and these guys can hang with some of the best. The musicianship of the individuals compliments each other and create a dynamic sound. With songwriting and musicianship this good on a debut record, the future is pretty bright for this band.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Good & Bad
2. Pretender
3. Losing the Dream
4. Beyond Redemption
5. Freedom
6. Where the Sun Doesn't Shine
7. Indigo World
8. Sacrifice
9. Miracle of Life
10. Fragments of Wonder
Marco Pastorino – Vocals
Luca Negro – Bass
Giorgio Lunesu – Drums
Pietro Paolo Lunesu – Guitar
Bob Katsionis – Keyboards
Record Label: Limb Music


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