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Wooden Fields – Wooden Fields

Wooden Fields
Wooden Fields
by Sean Leslie at 07 January 2022, 2:33 AM

WOODEN FIELDS are a hard rock band from Sweden. They are a relatively new band having only recently formed however they are no strangers to the music scene as the band is made up of members of several bands as their vocalist Sartez Faraj comes from bands such as THREE SEASONS and MOUTH OF CLAY and bassist Sam Riffer coming from the band SIENA ROOT while drummer Fredrik Jansson Punkka is a member of a number of bands including WITCHCRAFT, ANGEL WITCH and more. Since the bands formation they’ve released their debut single “Read The Signs” in June before finishing off 2021 with the release of their debut self-titled album “Wooden Fields” in October via Argonauta Records.

This album is packed with seven tracks to bring listeners back to the 1970’s sound with their fuzzy riffs and piercing guitar sounds of Sartez Faraj whilst he also shows off his powerful vocals with the help of Sam Riffer who also holds down bass duties, big grooves and soulful drumming of Fredrik Jansson Punkka whilst also keeping a modern edge to their sound. Prior to the release of this album, the only release the band had was the single “Read The Signs” giving fans a taste of what was to come a few months later when the band released their debut album with six previously unheard tracks.

The album opens with their only prior release “Read The Signs” which makes sense, to get listeners engaged, why not give them something they’re already familiar with and get them singing along and in the mood for the new material that they are about to hear within the next forty minutes. This track definitely sets the tone for the album from the get-go. The album has a very cohesive sound to it and each track fits perfectly where it needs to be. This album does feel to me like an album of two halves in the sense that the first half, tracks one to three are quite short at roughly four minutes in comparison to the rest of the album being no shorter then six minutes per track and even a track like “Don’t Be A Fool” which is the fifth track on the album and it clocks in at just under seven minutes in length.

Having listened to this album in it’s entirety, I can say that fans of vintage 1970’s style rock will enjoy this, it definitely has a vintage feel off it and it’s got quite a blues feel to it too so blues fans will find something they like in it too for sure and the band are definitely promising and one that fans should keep their eyes out for.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Read The Signs
2. Shiver And Shake
3. Should We Care
4. I’m Home
5. Don’t Be A Fool
6. Wind Of Hope
7. Endless Time
Sartez Faraj – Guitar/Vocals
Sam Riffer – Bass/Vocals
Fredrik Jansson Punkka – Drums/Percussion
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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Edited 17 August 2022

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