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Wormwood - Nattarvet Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 04 July 2019, 9:39 AM

BATHORY created the foundations of what Black Metal would be after the beginning of the 90’s, and the underground basements of Sweden gave birth to classic names that became pillars of what became Swedish Black Metal. MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL, DISSECTION, VONDUR, LORD BELIAL and other bands helped to pave the way and create the DNA of Swedish Black Metal. And WOODWORM is a true heir of their legacy, as “Nattarvet” is here to show.

They’re into a musical path like the melodic bands of old days, creating fine and funereal ambiances with some acoustic clean parts, charming and sinister melodies, but bitter and aggressive in a way that make you dizzy due its impact. When hearing the songs, the Swedish Metal DNA can be heard loud, but they write things in their own way, not being a clone of his predecessors. They’re trying to be themselves, and that’s the reason for this album sounds so good. The sound quality is trying to be organic and raw as in the 90’s, but aligned with a clear aesthetics, allowing the listener to understand their musical expressions. The crude instrumental tunes are the main key to link their music to the past, but the production was done in a way to make it sounds great as well.

All “Nattarvet” songs are really excellent, showing that the dark womb that generated the Swedish Black Metal lords is still fertile enough to breed such good band. But the introspective bitter melodies shown on “Av Lie o Börda” (very good rhythmic changes, showing a very good work of bass guitar and drums, and the vocals are revealing a very good set of tunes as well) and “I Bottenlös Avja” (this one is truly darkened on its clean parts, and the guitars are really great), the Old School outfit used on “Arctic Light” (excellent song, with remarkable moments from the vocals and guitars), the slow and bitter moments of “The Achromatic Road”, and the dark triad shown on “Sunnas Hädanfärd” (the Old School Black Metal essence is strong, and the guitar riffs can seduce easily the listener, and some bass guitar parts are great as well), “Tvehunger” (another song with very good contrast of rhythms, where the drums are conducting everything perfectly) and “The Isolationist” (a long song, with charming vocals and very good introspective melancholic melodies) are proofs that this quartet is here to take their place into Black Metal scene at full force!

WOODWORM is still young, so their musical potential still has to mature a bit more. But “Nattarvet” is an excellent album, and that can make you think that they’ll sit along the Swedish Black Metal lords soon!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Av Lie o Börda
2. I Bottenlös Avja
3. Arctic Light
4. The Achromatic Road
5. Sunnas Hädanfärd
6. Tvehunger
7. The Isolationist
Nine - Vocals
T. Rydsheim - Guitars
J. Engström - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
D. Johansson - Drums
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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