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Worry Blast - 44 Award winner

Worry Blast
by Tiffini Taylor at 13 February 2018, 3:56 PM

A thunderous beginning with spoken word followed by a guitar and drum that is simply impressive. This is the way the first track, “Outta Nowhere”, begins. Then it goes into what I can only describe as down and dirty Rock’n’Roll, and I like it that way. WORRY BLAST will take your worries away.

The music is good in the beginning to the end. “Dirty Mind”  has strong vocals with riveting guitars. The drums pound with the beat and is good to head bang to or however one wants to dance. It is a fun song. The title track “.44” will blow your mind and then some. This is reminiscent of the great Hair Metal from the ‘eighties’ and I can say that I lived through it. This is simply great. This type of Metal is not dead, it was only delayed a little while with a detour through Grunge. The cymbals are fantastic! Well done for a title track.

Another track to take note of is “Hot N Ready”; this is not a song about pizza. It is very impressive with the guitar. It shows how practice for years can make a good guitarist. This song will make one think of something that can be fun with the right person. In “Rough Times” I am loving the drums. This is the song that when one is driving down the road one automatically taps their fingers on the steering wheel. “Dominate” will dominate the eardrums.  “Heartbreak” is what everyone of us feels sometimes. Great beginning and again great drums, guitars and vocals. “Drink it all” what one does with vodka and whiskey, among other things (wink, wink). Nice guitars in this song. “Party Downtown” has a slower start but has a well-played with waspy vocal that is very pleasing to the ears.

The last song on the album is titled “We Can’t Stop Rock n Roll”, after hearing the other songs one would not want the party to end. This is Rock’n’Roll and it is Metal and it is all good. Musically, it is loud and lyrically raunchy, but that is what makes it so good. This is the album for a good time. This is just simply nice musicianship and creativity. Sex, drugs, and Rock’n’Roll. Party on dudes!

Songwriting- 10
Originality – 9
Memorability- 9
Production- 9

4 Star Rating

1. Outta Nowhere
2. Dirty Mind
3. .44
4. Hot N Ready
5. Rough Times
6. Dominate
7. Heartbreak
8. Drink It All
9. Party Downtown
10. We can’t stop Rock n Roll
Mat Petrucci- Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Allen Claret- Lead Guitar
Dann Collaud- Bass and Backing Vocals
Lucas Collaud – Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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