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Wraith - Revelation Award winner

by Craig Rider at 10 November 2017, 1:14 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: WRAITH; signed via Cargo Records, hailing from England - performing Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, on their 5th album entitled: “Revelation” (released August 4th, 2017).

Since formation in 1987; the quintet in question have 4 albums behind them, I'm introduced to their 5th deliverance - “Revelation”. 10 tracks ranging at around 39:19, the quartet provide an intricately designed formula of hard-hitting Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock distinctions, opening with “Lifeline” I immediately notice a consistently driven songwriting/sound production process. Full of meaty instrumentation and solid musicianship, right off the earphones - the band supply a savagely sinister arrangement of proficiently executed developments of hooks and riffs which blisteringly gallop with thunderous velocity. Ryan Coggin on vocals contrasts with clean, high-pitched singing, which admirably flourishes with enlightening characteristics. “Dream Steeler” is a typical Heavy Metal/Hard Rock track, which reminds me of a ROSS THE BOSS aesthetic - everything is a pummeling battering ram so far.

Consisting of complex, dexterous duo Gregg Russell & Dieter Schänzer on guitars, the pair efficiently delivers an organic substance of distinguishable solos and a menacing component of melodic amalgamations. “Into The Fire” is a groovy punch line of constructive rhythms and pulverizing relentlessness from powerhouse drummer Jay Graham & bassist Kim Nielsen, showcasing gritty melodies and profusely technical mechanisms - especially in the song “Under The Hammer”. “Leaving Me Again” is the slower ballad, which is the norm for most Heavy Metal bands, right? It shows off the witty craftsmanship the band portrays, which adapts promptly with rhythms and fulfilling adroitness that makes this song an enjoyable spectacle. The singing is colossal strength, never overextending his range yet still being diversely coherent. Sharp twin-guitar harmonies, which electrify with monstrous sufficiency - everything is substantially adequate so far.

No Respect” keeps the chaotic mayhem I absolute check, steely riffs and a grandiose of manifested elegance where the riffs go from mid-tempo to low and high in a frenzy of thunderous punch lines and grooves. “Invasion” begins with a one-note scream on the guitar, advancing to a electrifying yet rocking groove that's quite stimulating - it's quite the fist-pounder that's for sure. The titular track comes into fruition, which is a .32s break of a man speaking of his threatening desire… “Human Hater” comes into play, which is a chorus-ridden track, filled with catchy lyricism and more contrasting merits with screaming solos and exquisite creativity here. There is a lot of diversity, which varies with commendable executions in this record, overall concluding it with “Hunted” I enjoyed a concrete slab of profusely robust music that was well worth the listen - certainly worth checking out for all Metal maniacs alike.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Lifeline
2. Dream Steeler
3. Into The Fire
4. Under The Hammer
5. Leaving Me Again
6. No Respect
7. Invasion
8. Revelation
9. Human Hater
10. Hunted
Ryan Coggin - Vocals
Gregg Russell - Guitars
Dieter Schänzer - Guitars
Jay Graham - Drums
Kim Nielsen - Bass
Pete Way (UFO) - Bass (Guest)
Record Label: Cargo Records


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