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Wrang - De vaendrig Award winner

De vaendrig
by Craig Rider at 11 August 2022, 2:38 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WRANG; signed via Dominance Of Darkness Records, hailing from Netherland grounds - performing Black Metal, on their debut full-length studio album entitled: “De vaendrig” (released June 3rd, 2022). Since formation in 2013; the trio in question have a demo entitled: “Demo 2015” (released December 29th, 2015), 2 splits entitled: “Arrogant Destruktor / Wrang” (released December 22nd, 2016) and “Koude Gracht, Gramme Werf” (released March 22nd, 2019). On top of this full-length studio album entitled: “De vaendrig” of which I am introduced to, 7 tracks ranging around 42:56 - WRANG arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with a blistering barrage frenzy in wildly rushing snares of scouring distortion; a contorted remedy rumbles with reverberating malice within “Doodgeslagen Onschuld”, a groove-bomb aesthetic fabricates a flamboyant harmony which trembles speakers with boisterously bouncy calamity and amplified adrenaline as crunchy hooks grip a catchy flair on rampantly rompy nimbleness. Steamrolling trailblazing pierces through you with rapidly swift melody; belting a clobbering foundation in blasphemous extremity, as an infectiously primitive rawness ramifies with stampeding precision on top of some killer grinds and slaying mayhem that rattles souls with sulfurous stability. Synergised with monstrously meaty savagery, sinister bulldozing elements furnace at a furious bludgeoning ability, as audible bassist Mercur flickers his axe with thumpy steeliness & profusely robust pandemonium tightness that showcases thunderous weightiness amongst a punchy slab of solid aggression in which quakes with visceral speed.

The titular track opens up with this symphonic, operatic choir - a haralding but bizarre enchantment gives one time to breathe before chiseling eardrums with more archaic archetypes in flexibly fundamental wickedness & radical momentum. Sonically seamless pursuit strikes with monolithic tempo and concretely gritty firepower expertise, as gnarly cords shout with yelling throatiness from Galgenvot. Roaring with raspy soars and bellowing gutturals; grunty grumbles bleed out with ruthless agony, intertwined with volatile guitars in which manifest with organic substance & stridently thudding sturdiness that strives with triggering tactics to boot. “Jachttijd” unearths this venomous intensity in immersive chugs that utilize versatile vehemence and galloping frolics, where this rollicking impact impulses you with symbolic retribution amongst a hybrid experimentation in chunky riffs that rift with clamoring effect.

Rambunctious pile driving from hammering drummer Valr smacks the set with vicious furore, battering away with menacing pummels that pound with rigorous vigor and combustible force. I can hear strong yet maddening bombardments as those sweltering drum cymbals unleash this efficacious implementation in wavering tremolo crescendos, almost overwhelming me where they sound like they could implode and explode frantically which pleases me with massive boosts in thrusting pulsation to go berserk. A dynamic dexterity within “Voorwaarts! De nacht roept” wrathfully persists with vibrantly potent perseverance amongst a relentless stomp of punchline panache, thrashing artillery excels with nothing but complex magnitudes of overdosing boundaries in musical warfare that sounds almost like a nuclear onslaught of mighty proportion. The loud production rewards you with nothing but high-octane havoc, as a chaotic empowerment fuels you with this prodigious listen in which wonders with superlunary strength, it’s all enriching and dashingly lively but also remaining prestigiously deadly amongst deathly for good measure.

Bestevaer” a catchy conundrum captivates me with spectral yet otherworldly spell bindings in intriguing yet vivacious songwriting musicianship that resounds with me with this maelstrom prowess that I can’t help but call masterclass material, there’s nothing depressive nor daunting… it’s all just motivating Black Metal profanity which salubriously descegrates bodies with this diabolical but seething listen of tempestuous filth in which serves with bestial brutality and blitzkrieg crunchiness in chunky instrumental thrills. The penultimate banger: “Afgunst” euphonically engages a fluidly polished sound yet still brings forth enormous noise repugnance (of the good kind) that just becomes addictive and acutely enticing while powerful, it’s all dense but maniacally malignant for good measure.

Overall concluding “De vaendrig” with the overall finale epic: “Liturgie van zelfhaat”; an exercising in mythical torment revels with riveting clarity, as an evil but towering upheaval of resounding zeal enlists an evolving transgression on musical quality that I can’t phrase totally enough - WRANG most certainly exceeded all original expectations and boy they surely delivered a healthy dose of some Black Metal wizardry that needs more attention. An enjoyably entertaining discovery should you fancy a revving slice of this subgenre that does it grandeur justice, worthy of spinning & re-playing a bunch of times, do check it out.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Doodgeslagen Onschuld
2. De vaendrig
3. Jachttijd
4. Voorwaarts! De nacht roept
5. Bestevaer
6. Afgunst
7. Liturgie van zelfhaat
Valr - Drums
Galgenvot - Vocals/Guitars
Mercur - Bass
Record Label: Dominance Of Darkness Records


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