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Wretched - Cannibal Award winner

by Paulo Maniaco at 11 July 2014, 7:37 AM

WRETCHED is a Death Metal band based out of Charlotte, North Caroline in the United States. They were formed in 2005 and began spreading their chaos and destruction across the land as SINCE FORGOTTEN.

Having released three albums previously, "The Exodus Of Autonomy, Beyond The Gate, Son Of Perdition" they release now their last effort entitled "Cannibal" and before I go into details about this masterpiece I just want to say that this is a kick ass album. I have read reviews about people saying that WRETCHED is a cheap copy of BLACH DAHLIA MURDER. I totally disagree with that. In my views WRETCHED is far better, their music is modern, complex, very technical, and very powerful.

Call it what you wish, Tech Death Melodic Metal, to me is pure Death Metal played with lots of hate, these guys kick anyone's ass, anytime.

"Cannibal" as I said is a masterpiece, if you find yourself "Engulfed In Lethargy" then it is simple, listen to "Cannibal" and you will find yourself fighting a demon spitting blood and rotten flesh over your useless being. The CD kicks off with "Gold Over Me" featuring grotesque and deep vocals tearing off your flesh. It is just a "Morsel” because there is much more to come, "Calloused" that is right, this album is for the diehard maniacs. It is pure destruction, yet it has lots of variations in the music, at times quite melodic then hard out. I like the way Adam Cody uses his voices with lots of different tones, an amazing work indeed with great skills, also Marshall on the drums does a superb job hitting the skins and the snares, double kicks all the way, very precisely all along the CD. As guitars go, I cannot fault anything really, sharp riffs, excellent solos and tones of them. Everything works like a Swiss clock, guitar and bass, it is like an orchestra where all pieces work together in harmony, a fine Death Metal band with a unique sound. Honestly I spent a whole day listening to "Cannibal" and every time I could hear something different going on. Maybe I had a "Cranial Infestation" infested with symphony of Death, and when you get almost get to the end of the CD you can meet the "Cannibal", a masterpiece symphony, a great Instrumental to send you into the abysm .

WRETCHED have managed to give us an awesome album, Death Metal at its best, but still with a different edge. I could experiment touches of Thrash Metal and a bit of Black and Gothic as well. More or less a mix of HAVOK, KATALYSM, CANNIBAL CORPSE, EXODUS, and DISSECTION, all mixed in a blender and served on golden plates, an excellent work.
As production goes, also a very good job. It is very clear sounding, no noises in the background and the art work is also excellent. WRETCHED is here and in your face!

5 Star Rating

1. Gold Above Me
2. Morsel
3. Calloused
4. Thin Skinned
5. L'appel Du Vide
6. Cranial Infestation
7. Salt Lick
8. Cannibal
9. Wetiko
10. To The Flies
11. Engulfed In Lethargy
Adam Cody - Vocals
Marshall "Gorebang" Wieczorek - Drums
Andrew Grevey - Bass
Joel Moore - Guitars
Steven Funderburk - Guitars
Record Label: Victory Records


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