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Wretched Fate - Fleshletting Award winner

Wretched Fate
by Liam Easley at 18 February 2019, 9:06 AM

WRETCHED FATE is a Swedish Death Metal band that surprisingly doesn’t sound like ENTOMBED. Starting in 2016, this is their first full-length, titled “Fleshletting”, and it’s a long one. This album reeks of old-school Death Metal (OSDM). Right off the bat with “Wretched Fate,” this band shows us their MORBID ANGEL influence with a dark, gloomy interlude. Otherwise, the song is layered like SINISTER or MONSTROSITY with intricate passages and thought-out compositions. In fact, this album is basically those two bands with a Swedish Death Metal tone.

When it isn’t kicking ass with SINISTER-like structures, this record is going on a more DEICIDE route. “Taker of Souls” and “Ominous Shadow” are basically DEICIDE songs with layers and good leads. WRETCHED FATE also boast technicality. Each track has technical elements to them, but they never truly shine until “Fear Expulsion”. The song is heavy as it is quirky, and the guitar tone only makes this better. The main riff is something to be expected off of a PSYCROPTIC song. The mixture of technicality and old-school elements is well-executed, making this song one of the highlights.

To add to the technicality, the music on here is also very layered. Take “Writhe” or “Epitaph” as examples. Both of these songs have eerie background guitar riffs that add immensely to the overall atmosphere of the album. Also in the realm of layers, there are multiple tracks that have epic choral passages. The beginning of “Fleshletting,” “Altars of Misery,” and “Wretched Fate” have this feature, giving them an epic and massive sound. There is also a nice pinch of unpredictability. “Hived Mind” has a very intense and raw breakdown a third of the way through that was never expected. It reminds me of a Deathcore breakdown in the way it’s layered, but it isn’t like a Deathcore breakdown because it actually sounds good, and it features actual riffs.

This album is a conglomeration of OSDM bands and snappy technicality, but no matter how much it sounds like all of these different bands, WRETCHED FATE still makes everything sound original. This is very difficult for Death Metal bands, but this is one of those rarities. It reminds me of “Evil Upheaval” by DEPRAVITY, which was released only last year. It may not be as technical, but it is still very inspired yet original. This album is downright bad-ass. It’s a combination of MONSTROSITY, SINISTER, and MORBID ANGEL with moments of DEICIDE, PSYCROPTIC, and even some Hardcore on “Heading for Beheading”. WRETCHED FATE has created an epic album worthy of anyone’s time.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. Wretched Fate
2. Only Death to Abide
3. Altars of Misery
4. Fear Expulsion
5. Taker of Souls
6. Writhe
7. Hived Mind
8. Fleshletting
9. Ominous Shadow
10. Heading for Beheading
11. Epitaph
12. Split Tongue Illumination
Adrian Selmani – Vocals
Mats Andersson – Guitars
Robin Magnusson – Bass
Samuel Karlstrand – Drums
Record Label: Redefining Darkness Records


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Edited 20 February 2020

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