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Wretched Spawn - Blasphemous Abomination Award winner

Wretched Spawn
Blasphemous Abomination
by Cullen Baldridge at 06 August 2019, 10:08 PM

"Blasphemous Abominations" is the 2nd project Death / Thrash Metal album released by Derek Neibarger, where he also plays all instruments. Neibarger is from Lawrence, Kansas, this is the first time I've personally heard of him but judging by his bio and talent, he has been involved with music for a while.

"The Summoning" is a very well put together one minute and seven second instrumental, you can actually visualize someone just playing their guitar for their own amusement and thinking wow that was cool, I think I will add other instruments and see what it becomes. "Dead In A Ditch" is a heavy ass song with kick ass guitars with brutal vocal crushing vocals, it is a Death/Thrash Metal song in the truest sense of the genre.

"In Darkness" leaves you in awe of Derek's talent, the dude is simply a talented individual, his guitar playing is fast and heavy in this song but you can hear every note clearly. "Legion Of The Damned" starts out eerie and dark, feeling almost like an invitation to hell, the snarling vocals come in a flurry, I found myself failing to keep up with the pace, it's a very aggressive attack on your mind. "Bonesaw" begins with basically the same intro as "In Darkness" but quickly breaks into its own with blistering drums and shredding guitar riffs, chasing fast and furious vocals with an evil lure.

Neibarger is simply a talented motherfucker in every aspect of the word talented, every instrument he touched on this album was bent on total destruction, I was left in amazement of his musicianship, check it out and take a chance on losing your soul, if you have one that is.

Songwriting 9
Originality 7
Memorability 10
Production 10

4 Star Rating

1. The Summoning
2. Dead In A Ditch
3. In Darkness
4. Legion Of The Damned
5. Bonesaw
Derek Neibarger - All Instruments
Record Label: Atomic Zombie Records


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