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Wysdom Given - Into the Night

Wydsom Given
Into the Night
by Dani Bandolier at 10 July 2020, 10:02 AM

Solidly rooted in the classic sound of the 80's and foremost influenced by the NWOBHM era,  WYSDOM GIVEN (2013) from Bjärnum, Sweden delivers headstrong Heavy Metal. The band's music is a riff-based, triple-guitar viking slog, focusing on dynamics, melodies and harmonies, a combination that perfectly enhances the dark lyrical themes and creates a unity and an uptempo throwback sound.

I need you to call my name … What have I become … ‘Into the Night’ unloads with an IRON MAIDEN bass riff that is joined by the guitars in a familiar unison lead. This is solid chunka-chunka rhythm guitar land with some King Diamond attitude and attitude only – vocalist Daniel Myvall Hedman is a solid and smooth baritone that winds his voice around the shadowy prattling minstrel lyrics. The triple? guitars of Göran and Erika are a treat for fans of the early METALLICA dual guitar gumbo; well, I got two of the guitar slingers listed in the band lineup. Possibly the vocalist picks up a guitar as well to make the three way.

Follow me into the night … Follow me into the grave … ‘Follow Me’ bumps and jerks, dodging around the ‘I Am a Viking’ slog with some sticky lyrics and more from the early Kirk Hammett wheelhouse of guitar tone leads. Kristofer von Hausswolff does some nice drumming on this release, the lad can hang time and gives the songs a dimensionality that a lesser drummer could not fake. ‘In a Time When Victory is Dying’ brings back the bass lead frolics of Paul Godfeldt to start the song, a war torn gash that lead throat Kristofer von Hausswolff bravely wraps his voice around like a banderole band-aid dressing on a battlefield casualty. The band is listed as songwriters for these compositions, but I must say chaps – there is a storyteller in your midsts.

WYSDOM GIVEN listened long and hard to some IRON MAIDEN and early METALLICA somewhere along the line and they plopped out an EP that sounds like it, not a bad thing. I dig the guitar lead arrangements. This looks to be their first release. Let’s see what they can do with their sophomore effort now they have all the band pieces in place. Right on mates ¡!

The blood surges in our veins, We die for the sake of our land. Let the heavens roar with thunder. Let thunderbolts rain with fire. Let us share to the Spotify list of dani bandolier  … Господи, помилуй

stoner-guía luz negra on Spotify

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Into the Night
2. Follow Me
3. In a Time When Victory is Dying
Göran Blomgren - Guitar
Erika Wallberg - Guitar
Daniel Myvall Hedman - Vocals
Kristofer von Hausswolff - Drums
Paul Godfeldt - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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