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Xalpen - Black Rites

Black Rites
by Deaddie at 23 March 2017, 12:51 AM

One of the great things about Black Metal, especially your raw and grim stuff, is that you can pull off a decent album with only 2 people. Such is the case with XALPEN. Grant it they do include a session drummer for recording, but they still list only 2 permanent members. These chaps also demonstrate that you can live on literally two different continents, and still put out music.
So about the music. It is your everyday grim, raw, blasting Black Metal. Nothing wrong with that!! It’ll definitely keep one headbanging. The guitar rhythms are dark and eerie, but they go along with some interesting lyrical themes. I think it’s apparent that these guys are all about darkness, and the devil’s intoxicating gifts to humankind. The overall sense of darkness on this album surely reflects their liking of “The Magic of the Devil’s Tobacco”, and “Psilocybe”. Now, for any of my precious innocents out there in this modern day Babylon, I will not divulge the meaning. Those who know what is going on, I can admit to sharing such liking in the Devil’s pleasurable gifts. MUAHAHA!

The quality of the music isn’t absolute shit. It does adhere to the typical raw and grim styling of Black Metal. They do throw in some interesting extras. Little tidbits of symphonic elements, but you can listen and find the little thrills the fun way. That being said, they do keep it from getting boring. There is a lot of blasting though. So recognize that to be my opinion, I know there are plenty of people who find that to be repetitive. That’s ok, I can say that i thoroughly enjoyed the “Black Rites. I also find a touch of spaciness, that is not overdone, yet helps to enhance the darkness of the general flow.

I would recommend this album to fans of SARGEIST, ARMAGEDDA, or that type of Black Metal. It will chill the soul and boil the blood. Towards the end you can catch a nice little guitar solo as well. So keep your ears open for that. I have also notice that the more you listen, the more little things you catch in the background. So yes, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed “Black Rites” by XALPEN. STAY BLACK METAL!!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Unsheathe the Dagger
2. Devourer of Light
3. The Magic of the Devil’s Tobacco
4. Spirits of Darkness
5. Psilocybe
6. Leviathan’s Tail
J. P. Nunez - Guitars, Vocals
A. Lillo - Bass, Vocals
P. Gatica - Session Drums
Record Label: Morbid Skull Records


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