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Xandria - Salome: The Seventh Veil (CD)

Salome: The Seventh Veil
by Yiannis Doukas at 03 September 2007, 12:45 AM

The whole thing beyond female-fronted metal is completely out of control. From the middle of the 90es we have witnessed some nice bands and a lot that was just silly jokes. Especially in our times there are a lot of groups that make you set questions how the fuck are well-known. But it is not only this. Record companies try to prove that all this stuff is metal by advertising it in the metal media. Why? Probably the so called metal audience is the only one that can accept them and have the dynamic to pay for these CDs. It's beyond logic, my friends, how some records that are the worst vomit from gothic (or I don't know what), are considered to be jewels for metal music.
XANDRIA are from Germany and this is their fourth album, bearing the name of the famous whore of the Jewish mythology. The high advantage is the fresh air that comes from their sound. This reflects honesty and this is good in an area that is more poser and fake than anything else. Their music would be easily called pop and as this I will judge it.
The main purpose in this style is to produce songs that have really nice refrains so as they stuck to your mind. If you cannot write commercial songs you're lost. Here you can find some nice songs and nice refrains, like Save My Life  and Vampire. Beware and Emotional Man are like Eurovision songs but really are good ( I will repeat , for the kind of music they are playing). You can also hear a death voice in a part of Firestorm or the disco- dancing ultimate highlight Sisters Of The Light, which is the best in the record.
Risa's vocals are good and emotional. In the beginning of Salome and The Wind And The Ocean I saw similarities to Kari Rueslatten's last works. There are also some middle east melodies in her vocals and also in some guitars or key parts.
If their music can find a way and be listened by the mass audience, with their name being promoted well, it's not impossible for XANDRIA to become a big selling breakthrough. At least their music has more frankness and inspiration than the garbage that exists today. They also win another point in my rating 'cause Lisa has sang in Drawn In Ashes of the Monotheist album. SHE HAS AN APPEARANCE IN A CELTIC FROST ALBUM!

3 Star Rating

Save My Life
Emotional Man
Only For The Stars In Your Eyes
A New Age
The Wind And The Ocean
Sisters Of The Light
Sleeping Dogs Lie
On My Way
Lisa Schaphaus - Vocals
Marco Heubaum - Guitar
Nils Middelhauve - Bass
Philipp Restemeier - Guitar
Gerit Lamm - Drums
Record Label: Drakkar Records


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