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Xarkrinur - Dishehara

by Emily Schneider at 25 May 2020, 7:11 PM

XARKRINUR is a one man Black Metal project, hailing from Bangladesh. The band name means “world of darkness” and the sole member's name translates to “lurker in the world of darkness” (in what language, his Facebook page does not specify) The project began in 2012 and he has since recorded a 3 song demo and one other song for a split EP with HAPPINESS THROUGH SUICIDE. Six years following his previous release comes his next EP “Dishehara”.
“A Walk Under the Purple Sky” is folky sounding guitar, strumming in solitude. It's admittedly pretty rough, there is nothing else in the song beyond the slightly distorted acoustic guitar strums. There's just blank space surrounding it, it's strange and a bit unsettling…and perhaps, that's the intention.“A Broken Grave by A Tree” is another disconcerting isolated guitar piece. I admittedly caught myself saying “Is this some kind of joke?” because this song has no direction, it's literally just droning on. The title track “Dishehara” seems to be trying to create some sort of melody to indicate this is, in fact, a song and not just random strums across the guitar strings. It takes on a shadow form in the last 3-ish minutes of the track and after sitting through the last aimless two tracks, I'll accept that.
Overall, I'm utterly baffled that this is considered any genre of music. It just feels like someone is warming up or strumming around in boredom with the utter lack of melody or anything at all to latch onto while listening. I admittedly had high hopes for this EP; I had checked out his older demos and it was some fascinating Black Noise Metal. “Dishehara” on the other hand is nothing of the sort. It's just Xyklen on an acoustic guitar with no distortion, no drum machine. Just raw guitar with nothing to accompany it or anything at all to make it interesting truth be told. It left me feeling like I wasted my time.
Songwriting: 2
Musicianship: 3
Memorability: 1
Production: 2

1 Star Rating

1. A Walk Under The Purple Sky
2.A Broken Grave by A Tree
3 Dishehara
Xyklen – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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