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Xcarnation - Grounded (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 09 October 2005, 9:41 PM

Well, the 'trap' worked perfectly. Here's an album released via the AOR/Hard Rock/Melodic Rock premier label Frontiers, featuring all four Winger members. What would you expect? Well, don't answer fast 'cause you might be surprised. The present review will be as 'short' as possible, as explained below:
Cenk Eroglu is a guitarist/composer/producer from Turkey, a famous 'name' - I guess - in his country. His friendship and partnership with drummer Pat Mastellotto and Kip Winger 'pushed' things to songwriting of every 'angle', later divided into three sets/albums; Grounded is the first one of this trilogy (the second - according to Eroglu - will be Kip's solo album). With the participation of all the ex-Winger team and many Turkish musicians (Eroglu's wife also credited) Grounded is a mix of Industrial, Hard Rock, Ethnic and Progressive music. Tuff, huh?
Imagine this: command Nine Inch Nails, late King Krimson, Pull-era Winger and a charismatic oriental composer (e.g. Eroglu) to write music together. That's the 'product' reviewed here. Dark keyboard sounds, oriental samples, 'lost' guitar themes (local instruments enhanced at times) and distorted (not 'ugly') vocals. All flourished by melody, yes, melody! Without You is the song mostly suitable for a Frontiers release while most tunes feature - through keys and chords - this strange combination of mainstream melody and ethnic themes. Weird…
Of course, this album cannot be rated by a Metal mag . But that's not the point. Why? Because I'm definitely NOT this kind of editor, who's open to no-boundaries 'exploring' in music and, still, Grounded did 'say' something. Good or bad, that's a matter of personal taste, but something.

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Personal Antichrist
Without You
Desperately Sad
Reason To Believe
Lucky Day
Take A Deep Breath
Coma White
Willing To Wait
Cenk Eroglu - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Progr. & Drums
Kip Winger - Lead & Backgr. Vocals, Bass & Acoustic Guitar
Rod Morgenstein - Drums
Pat Mastellotto - Drums
Kivanc Kaytanli - Guitar
Erdem Sokmen - Nylon Guitar
Eyup Hamis - Kawala & Ney Flute
Umit Eroglu - String Arrangements
Cem Keskin - Acoustic Guitar
Reb Beach - Guitar
Mine Kosan - Vocals
Sendur Guzelel - Turkish Strings
Akatai Bros. - Percussion
Mahcem Ozturk - Ney Solo
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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