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Xeno Ooze – Parasligm Shift

Xeno Ooze
Parasligm Shift
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 20 November 2019, 9:38 PM

Described as Sci-fi Grindcore from the Sonoran desert. There is so little knowledge about XENO OOZE I even had to go on Page 2 and beyond on Google Search, that in itself proves a point. No source seems to know how does what in the band. Let the lads from the American South pummel your ear drums with "Parasligm Shift"

Xenological Warfare” hits hard from the off. The slam style vocals go really well with the beat and tempo from the drums. The melody works well with the balance overall. The pace set from the off is controlled really well by the band, they increase pace in stages, but it always feels controlled and never just thrown about for the sake of it. Heads will bang and feet with tap to this great beat. The end flourish works really well to close the song. Good start

Slime Against Humanity” takes off from the pace set on the previous song. The beat is set to high along with the tempo once more. It takes the same Slam style into the balance again, which isn’t a bad thing, it just has no real difference to the previous song. Many bands have kept their albums sounding the same once a pace has been set

Wizard of Oooze” hits thick, where you can establish the Sludge connections to the sound. The vocals work well to break down the beat and guide through the song. The Brutal/Slam style on drums works well to build up tempo before the Brutal vocals kick in and everything slows down, but it work really well. It’s a good change up mid-song

Dungeon Blaster” sounds more like a game title from SEGA Mega Drive days. The beat is back up to Slam levels again. Although it is done with a few drops of Grindcore to create a new sound, which helps. Vocally, it is far, far harder to follow in this song. The instrumentalists work well in the song to develop their own melody. Balance is off, but not enough to make this a crap song.

Destroy the Slopposition” sounds more like a cheesy sci-fi horror film from the 70’s, as far as the title goes. As far as the sound goes, it has the Sludge speed vocals mixing with a more Death Metal approach from the instruments. The sound is awesome. Only issue is the vocals are not clear again. The drummer sounds more Slam in sections of the song, which works to build tempo and creating a decent melody in such a short song

Buried by Slime and Dust” closes the album with a strange start that sounds more like you will hear a Randy Rhodes solo kick in. What does kick in in a low, mix of Grindcore and Death Metal. No idea what is being said though. The slow pace has the sludge pace fixated for the first half of the song. Vocally, its more Slam than anything else, which if you’re into that, it’s cool, if you’re not then the style has probably worn thing

It’s a great mix of sound that has gone into making this album. There is several different elements gone into the sound, there is a blend of Slamming Death Metal and Grindcore, and it works. They mix the songs around, which is good as you don’t want an album to all be the same. Solid effort. Maybe next time keep one vocal style, just a thought.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Xenological Warfare
2. Slime Against Humanity
3. Wizard of Oooze
4. Grind Splatter
5. Dungeon Blaster
6. Destroy the Slopposition
7. The Whole of the Maw
8. Buried by Slime and Dust
Father Fungus: Archbishop of the Unholy Ooze – Unknown
Sludgehammer Slimeblast: God of Goo – Unknown
Oozimus Slaximus: Seer & Prophet of Slime – Unknown
Record Label: Last World Records


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