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Xicution – Infected

by Jean-Francois Poulin at 07 May 2017, 10:03 AM

You guys really have to check out the video for the song ''(We Are All) Infected''. It's cheesy goodness with zombies, some gore and a lot of violence. If you guys are fans of Walking Dead and B-Movie Zombie stuff, there is some pretty great random stuff! They have a great sense of humour for a Death Metal band and I thought it was a nice touch. This is the first release from the German based Death Metal outfit. This is their first new music since their split with CARNAGE in 2015. Some songs from the Split are on this EP nonetheless. This is a very short EP but it's a very strong release with some really good music. I love to discover bands in pretty much any genre and felt this was really a great surprise. They sound like old school Death Metal but I loved the presence of humour in a few of the songs.

I enjoyed the intro so very much. This reminded me a lot of the beginning of ''Fight Em Til' You Can't'' from my favorite band, ANTHRAX. The fake news broadcast about infection, violence and zombies. I thought this a pretty neat way to begin the EP. Even though not all songs are about Zombies, it was still a pretty nice little touch! The second song ''We Kill What We Get'' was really reminiscent of Hardcore Punk Crossover Legends, DISCHARGE. When I heard the first minute of the song, it reminded so much of ''Protest and Survive'' !! It's probably my favorite DISCHARGE song so I guess they definitely earn my high praise! I thought they added some crossover elements on this song but without transgressing the Death Metal beats. It was a nice mixture of both styles.

I really didn't understand the song title of the fourth song, I thought I misread! I still don't know the hidden meaning of the song title but I thought it was pretty funny. Probably my least favorite song of the EP but it has its moments. I loved the fifth song ''(We Are All) Infected'' from the start. This made me think of the greatness of bands like ASPHYX and DYING FETUS. It's relentless but you have a lot of musicality. There is much more substance than the average fan can detect. You have some pretty technical death metal insanity mixed with a bit of catchiness with the chorus itself. It's nothing fancy, its violent and aggressive but man do you wanna headbang your head off on this one! I was really impressed by these guys and I think they have a bright future!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Breaking News (Intro)
2. We Kill What We Get
3. Liar
4. I Called My Mom for Dinner
5. (We are all) Infected
6. Coming from the Void
Jano Zombie - Vocals
Mortis Morten - Drums
Sio - Guitars
Chris Subsessor – Bass
Record Label: BretHard Records


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