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Xile – I Am Your God

I Am Your God
by Joseph Hausmann at 19 April 2020, 1:57 PM

Blending Death Metal elements with their own unique take on Hardcore elements, XILE has launched their debut album "I Am Your God" through BDHW Records. This heavy hitting powerhouse from New Zealand offers savage breakdowns infused with eviscerating gutturals that will melt your face off. Their heavy, intense sound is only matched by their drive as they created this album throughout breaks in their relentless touring.

"I Am Your God" is one interesting album. Throughout it, you hear the heavy influences of Death Metal but in a more modern setting. "Diamond Eyes" has groovy riffs paired up with vicious vocals that are an exciting blend of old and new sounds. The track has a very dark feel to it with the instrumentals driving it on a hellacious pace. The breakdown midway is a powerful, brutal beatdown that will have your mind looking for more. "Damaged" continues this break-neck pace as the riffs change between mids, lows, and highs in an unpredictable but cohesive way. The track changes tempo to a Sludge aura really bringing a heavy weight to the track. The vocals stay extremely powerful as they do throughout the majority of the album. "Hollow Point" brings us back to that ominous sensation of discordant tones, building up to an explosion of insane riffs. This track is very different from the others, setting its roots firmly into a Death Metal foundation. The vocals are the focal point of this track as the instrumentals are used to accentuate the power that is flowing from Luke Mansons.

"Disintegrate" catapults right into the Hardcore aspect of XILE’s sound. The insane guitar riffs and drum work sets another fast paced tempo that drops out down to sludgy heavy Death Metal , and then right back up to a bullet ride finishing the track. This one is my favorite off the album because it gives the listener a great opportunity to hear the elements of their sound blended together and stand side by side. "So Much for Love" is a driving wall of sound that really grips the listener and takes you on a devilish ride. There are many tempo changes through this track giving you a sense of a tug of war of emotions. The bass laden breakdowns are well and even use an echo element in this track to give the vocalist an ethereal presence. If you listen real close you can also hear a small but very well done guitar solo in here, giving another added layer to this track. "Legacy of Distrust" brings out the hatred that is within XILE. It invades the track and never lets up. The interesting part of this track is when the instrumentals go silent and the vocalist leads us on a savage vocal barrage before dropping us into another heavy breakdown.

"I Am Your God" is a solid debut album for XILE. This band has really taken the time to find their sound from the get go. Sometimes finding your own sound can be difficult but these guys have hit that out of the park. The production quality is a little rough but I think that makes me enjoy the album more. I really enjoy the rawness of this album. It’s in your face and it doesn’t really care what you think! That, for me, is a commendable trait in a band or album. They are making music that is true to them and they are sharing that music with us. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who wants heavy, savage music. For those that don’t, you don’t know what you are missing out on. So go give it a listen!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. I Am Your God
2. Diamond Eyes
3. Damaged
4. World Demise
5. Hollow Point
6. Penalty Death
7. Disintegrate
8. Empty Chamber
9. So Much for Love
10. Legacy of Disgust
Luke Mansons – Vocals
Lee Waddingham – Bass
Jai Morrow – Drums
Simon Bonner – Guitar
Tommy C – Guitar
Record Label: BDHW Records


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