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Xplorer4 - Space

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 May 2020, 8:47 PM

The passion for Rock and Metal genres from the past is the clearest trend inside the scene throughout the world. To do something influenced by the past is not a sin at all, if you can deal with the influences to a point of sounding personal. Some good works can be heard from bands that research in the past. And the French quartet XPLORER4 is one of them, as “Space” shows clearly.

Their musical work is based on a Hard Rock/Glam Metal and AOR fusion, sounding accessible and melodic, but always keeping a touch of Progressive Rock (just a touch). Of course this same musical format was used again and again throughout the years since the 70’s, but the band makes something that seems fresh and energetic, using some traces of modernity on their music (as the modern guitar tunes heard on “Desert Song”). And although the music of “Space” shows that the quartet still has a long way to go, they’re on the right path.

But the serpent in the paradise of this album is the production. The sonority sounds crude, creating an disgusting feeling that permeates the album, The problem seems to be that they tried to make something that could give an organic ambiance to the songs, but it doesn’t work as it must. Maybe on the next time, taking advantage of modern recording technologies could be a good idea.

Obviously that sound references to WHITESNAKE, KISS, MÖTLEY CRÜE and PINK CREAM 69 are clear on their music, but it’s not a sin, because the band has a personality pulsing on songs as “Space Xplorer” (good accessible melodies and chorus, and a solid work on the bass guitar and drums), the melodic appeal of “Desert Song” (the crude ambiance compromises the good melodies presented on the song), “Black Eyed Woman” (a traditional format used between lone singing followed by instrumental takes), “Big Mouth” (a catchy set of guitar riffs), “Dawn of New Xploration”, “Solyme” (both with a massive energy), “Com’on” (a nasty Glam Metal approach like FASTER PUSSYCAT used on the past), and “Long Live Ride” (an old Blues Rock feeling appears on the melodies). These are the best ones, although a shorter amount of songs could have a better impact on the listeners.

XPLORER4 is a very good name, but needs a better sonority, and maturing their songs a bit more, and they’ll conquer a space for their music into the scene.

Musicianship: 7
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Space Xplorer
2. Screaming It Loud
3. Desert Song
4. Black Eyed Woman
5. Hero Without Acause
6. Sorry I Failed
7. Big Mouth
8. Dawn of New Xploration
9. Solyme
10. Com’on
11. War Machine
12. The Real Thing
13. Old Timers
14. Long Live Ride
15. Indian Spirits
Joel Thibaudeau - Vocals
Thierry Pontet - Guitars
Laurent Beteille - Bass
Phil Arnaud - Drums
Record Label: M&O Music


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