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X.Trun.K - All Comes To An End (CD)

All Comes To An End
by Michael Dalakos at 26 June 2006, 12:18 AM

Apart the ultra amazing artwork that brings in mind high class releases from known acts in the end the band with the weird name didn't convince me for their abilities. Though their intentions are to mix extreme and modern kinds of metal with some melodic lines in the end the outcome is mostly confused or totally disoriented.
The band was formed back in 2003. the band was born from the ashes of Medusa (that had already released two full length albums). The line up was finalized in 2006 with the addition of Fredd on the vocals (after the previous singer departed). So far they have released another EP back in 2004 titled Of Hate. According to their site their first full length will probably released in early 2007…
In their biography they mention two bands as influences: Testament and Pantera, sorry I didn't find any resemblances with these two major acts (apart they also represent a more extreme side of heavy metal music). A fragile balance between thrash and metalcore (plus some electronic parts) is the recipe these French dude working on but so far the outcome can be generally described as tasteless. Without sounding annoying or something like that they manage to confuse me since every song in here seems to look in a totally different direction than the rest. The production is OK but I guess such weird combo of ideas demanded something spectacular for sound.
So without being bad I have to say that they need a lot of work in order to put their ideas in a rational order. Let's wait and see…

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All Comes To An End
Between The Lines
Dictated Love
Pilou Song
Gil - Guitar & Samples
Errol - Bass
John - Guitar
Fredd - Vocals


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