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XXX - Heaven, Hell Or Hollywood (CD)

Heaven, Hell Or Hollywood
by Maria Kallinikou at 07 June 2009, 1:55 PM

Maybe this is the debut album for the Swedes but these guys know damn good what business means. Hence, they asked from Al Rio of Marvel Comics to arrange the cover designs; yes, that's right, designs, for the first 1000 CDs. Of course they are already sold out, and I assume Marvel maniacs will be out in eBay hunting.

Now, moving to the music, this is the party release, combining melodic, punk and Hard Rock traces. Snowy Shaw adopts sometimes the wavelength of Axl Rose and sometimes the Dee Snider cry outs. There are moments that lead you in the thought that if GNR would play Punk they would sound like this. The melodies are simple and happy. Hello! and So Fuxxxing You have also some guitar riffs from the early ALICE COOPER era, and Miss Misery is a fusion of LAKE OF TEARS and LORDI. Tomboy and Miss Misery are the tracks with the heavier guitar riffs and probably the best of this album, thanks to their melodic hooks.
Heaven, Hell Or Hollywood wraps this album in the most effective way; heavy, with partially sleazy guitars, enormous sound in the drums and the sing-along chorus which has a lot of Joan Jett influences, it leaves you with a positive feeling about this release.

The production is adequate, the percussion has the perfect arrangements, the guitars feature the dirt required and the composition parts are good in general, but the last three tracks are awesome. These guys came up with a brilliant idea concerning the cover and probably they will gain a big part of recognition because of that move. Nevertheless, Heaven, Hell Or Hollywood is a good album, and by all odds you can invest on it. Especially if you find a copy of the first 1000 cuts.

3 Star Rating

It's Suicide
We'Re Gonna Rock
Wall Of Fame
I Want You To Want Me
So Fuxxxing You
Miss Misery
Heaven, Hell Or Hollywood
Snowy Shaw - Drummerboy, Vox
X - Axeman, Vox
Rob Nasty - Basstard, Vox
Record Label: Perris Records


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