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Yatra - All is Lost

All is Lost
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 17 October 2020, 8:04 AM

From their Bandcamp page, “YATRA’s eclectic sound includes elements of Doom and Heavy Metal mixed with explorations into sonic territories that provide a unique sound. A sound that has been referred to as “a riff laden wall of sound” by Decibel Magazine.” YATRA formed in Ocean City, Maryland, USA in 2017. In just two short years, the band will have released three albums. “All is Lost” is their latest offering, and contains nine new tracks.

“All is Lost” leads off the album. It opens with a fuzzy guitar riff and some muted production. A harsh vocal scream takes things from there. The riff shifts quickly into attack mode while the harsh vocals reign over top. “Winter’s Dawning” opens with a mournful riff, and a slow pace. From there, the riff picks up with feedback. It moves at a more mid-tempo pace, as the riff shifts to a few different approaches. The album is indeed full of riffs. “Tyrant Throne” opens with a heavy, and slow riff. Drums come in cautiously. Feedback starts to build, then the main sound drops. They mix in some clean vocals here, and the pacing picks up around the half-way mark, along with a short, bluesy guitar solo.

“One for the Mountain” opens with bass guitar notes, and some lead guitar jamming over top. The song has a swing to it, and you find yourself nodding along. The vocals are clean at first, then turn harsh, in vile utterances. The overload of riffing is noteworthy, and keeps you on your toes as a listener. This song just drips with the blues. “Blissful Wizard” begins with some eerie guitar notes as the main riff comes in. It’s another crushing sound that the band pulls off so well…and what Doom Metal album would be complete without mentioning the word “wizard?”

“Talons of Eagles” is a shorter song, opening with a short drum solo. The main riff is a little quicker this time. It slows to a pulverizing sound, then returns again with that faster riff, and a gutsy guitar solo, with prolific doses of the wah-wah pedal. “Eyes of Light” is again a little shorter than some of the earlier tracks, but the percussion picks up here along with the guitars. It builds to a crescendo of sound towards the end, with every instrument pushing forward. “’Twas the Night” opens with clean guitars, and some melancholy tones. Fuzz starts to build, and the main riff drops, with a vocal stamp. It builds with a lumbering sound.

“Northern Lights” closes the album, at just over three minutes in length. Heavy drum thuds lead to some guitar feedback, while the bass guitar keeps the rhythm. More of those bluesy tones come through here. Riff overload! If I could pick just two songs to describe the album, that would be it. But, the bluesy elements are also strong here…something you don’t often here in the genre of Doom Metal. Overall, this is a thoroughly enjoyable album with a gargantuan flair.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. All is Lost
2. Winter’s Dawning
3. Tyrant Throne
4. One for the Mountain
5. Blissful Wizard
6. Talons of Eagles
7. Eyes of Light
8. ‘Twas the Night
9. Northern Lights
Dana Helmuth – Guitar/Vocals
Maria Geisbert – Bass
Sean Lafferty – Drums
Record Label: Grimoire Records


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