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Yuri Fulone - Your Kingdom Will Fall

Yuri Fulone
Your Kingdom Will Fall
by Stew Metallion Taylor at 12 October 2017, 9:59 AM

This is YURI FULONE’s first full-length album after three EP’s since forming in 2010. Yuri handles all instruments apart from drums. So, the man covers keyboards, bass, guitars and vocals. From Sao Paulo, Brazil, this chap is a real believer and loyal Metaller. We are talking real warrior themes with battles and legends are covered in the lyrics. This is like the Brazilian version of MANOWAR. Most of the songs have a sound-effect involving the sound of winds, battle and steel.

The album starts with the sounds of wind blowing lonely across the plain. A slow dark drum and violins orchestrate a battle theme. The first tracks riff smashes in heavily before pounding drums and the sound of thunder introduce the lyrics about dark skies and thunder. The song “Thunderstorm” plods on with lyrics about Heavy Metal in my veins. This is like JUDAS PRIEST on their weaker tracks. Title track, “Your Kingdom Will Fall” follows with a solid riff but accompanied by a strange keyboard run. The rhythm section is nice and solid and the vocal is strong. Not sure about the keyboards though. This song doesn’t really go anywhere unfortunately. The sound is good but the content lacks originality.

“After A Rainy Day” is a bit different. It is a Power ballad, Yuri style. This is good. This is like a heavier SCORPIONS ballad. The guitar has a nice sound in the solo with a classic arching style. This almost gives NICKELBACK a run for their money in the big Rock song department. “Folkloric Song From the People of the Forgotten Land” starts with flutes in a jester style and then describes a tale of the people in the name of the song. It is pleasant enough but this is pure TENACIOUS D. It just needs a couple of extra lines from Jack Black. “She Walks Through the Flower Fields” has the violin intro again, this time with a sweet vocal by Nayara Camarazona. The style is like a Medieval Folk song. This sounds very nice but it left me thinking why is this on the album.

“The Chosen” is more Power Metal with a good riff and some dreamy keyboards. This is a fairly solid Metal sound but feels as if several ideas have been randomly stuck together. Yuri then sings of mighty warriors and being the chosen one. “War Horse” is better. The riff is nice and solid and the keyboards accompany the song better. This is closer to the likes of GRAND MAGUS who do this style well. In fact, this is the best track on the album. Well-constructed, this song actually makes sense. The guitar does mimic the sound of horses at one point but that is ok. If only there was more of this on the album, I would have elevated the score nearer to 7.

There is definitely a market for this warrior type Metal. I like bands such as AMON AMARTH who take a fantasy type theme (in their case Viking) and create an atmosphere around the battle sounds and stories etc. There is a threshold though and this style can be overplayed. I think Yuri just passes over the line where the style takes over the music. I’m sure there are lovers of this music but it’s just a bit much for me.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Beyond the Gates of Time
2. Thunderstorm
3. Your Kingdom Will Fall
4. I’m a Wolf
5. After a Rainy Day
6. Gates of Jerusalem
7. Folkloric Song From the People of the Forgotten Land
8. War Horse
9. She Walks Through the Flower Fields
10. The Chosen 
Yuri Fulone- Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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