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Yurt - IV - The Obstacle

IV - The Obstacle
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 18 September 2018, 7:47 AM

YURT is a three piece modern progressive rock band with psychedelic, futuristic sound. But it isn't progressive rock the way we know it. It's more than that. They are a blend of eclectic frenetic drumming, voivodian chords and style, crazy and moving. They are almost instrumental too.T here is vocals but the lyrics are not their center of interest. Like EYEHATEGOD once said: "AMPS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS". Recorded and mixed September 2017 - April 2018 by Tommy O’Sullivan at the Meadow and Deep In The woods, it was also mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks. "Icon Rubble" is quite a good song, containing so much elements intertwined. From Prog Rock to Cybermetal they are very interesting and for the little I can hear from vocalist Steven Anderson, I really love the way he sings. His voice fits in this maelstrom of pounding drums, crazy guitar (sounds a lot like VOIVOD in some passages), and cool bass lines.

"The Narrowing" is the second offering.More stoner doom approach. A less complex structure but I really like that one.T he drumming is interesting.Varying time signatures. OH! I hear synths, what a great surprise! This gets the song to a whole new level. Reminds me of VAN DER GRAF GENERATOR. What a nice discovery, I'm a fan now. These guys are incredible, it reminds me of ASTRA on the "Rise Above Records" label. I'd really love to hear you guys LIVE here in Canada!!! As the song evolves it get more and more energetic and fast. The keyboards acts a guitar solos as the guitars are more used for rhythms teamed up with bass and drums. SCI-FI Prog Rock with heaviness to the "rendez-vous".AMAZING. "Angel Happatuth Meets Devil Dikkei" goes crazy this time again. This song is like a psychedelic multiple orgasm for the ears. Loud, heavy, proggy, psych oriented, takes the roller coaster to insanity land and the ride never stops, swirls , swirls and swirls of riffs and psychedelia. It has a KING CRIMSON feel.

"Faith Utensil" is really an atmospheric pleasure to hear.Amazing guitars that drags us into the outer limits. Psychedelic as hell. Some synth instruments acting like brass ones in KING CRIMSON. INCREDIBLE SONG. The vocals reminds me of CANADA's DBC (DEAD BRAIN CELLS). Around the middle of the song there's  a little break and some bass lead can be heard, we are entering another realm. This is very visual. I can see images while listening. They should do sick videos if this isn't done yet or cinematic "live". Their mission based on their website is:

You will notice vibrations in your diaphragm……
You will hear a distant hissing in your ears……
You will feel the need to vomit…..
You will feel dizzy…..
You will have difficulty focussing…..
You will need to breathe more rapidly…..
There will be bleeding from orifices……

Its really rare that i say that in a review, but i'll have to possess a physical copy of this album. This album is in my top 10 of the last six months, and it will grow each time I hear it. SUCCESS GUYS! Out on October 6th, these guys reached a high level. For fans of: DEAD BRAIN CELLS , VANDER GRAF GENERATOR,VOIVOD (Prog era), KING CRIMSON.

Songwriting: 10
Originality :9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Icon Rubble
2. The Narrowing
3-Angel Pappatuth Meets Devil Dikkei
4. Faith Utensil
5. The Curious Observation of the Peas – Haver
Andrew Bushe - Percussion
Steven Anderson - Guitars, Vocals, Electronics
Boz Mugabe - Bass, Vocals, Electronics, Artwork
Record Label: Independent


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