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Zoahr – Apraxia

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 11 January 2023, 8:11 AM

From their Facebook page, ZOAHR is a Heavy Blues, Psychedelic, Desert Rock three piece from the Southwest. Without a record label to go on, the Facebook page is all I could find. The album has nine songs, and “Imperious Hand” is the first. The guitars are just a little distorted and the bass can be clearly heard. The sound is interesting…it has a throwback quality to it but also a modern edge. The riff moves forward in haste and the music moves with it. “Cocoon” is a slower and longer song. The riff almost seems to drag through the mud, adding some depression as seasoning. The extended guitar solo has some serious wah-wah effects in it as well.

“Avarice” is another depressing song. I am not hearing a lot of Psychedelic elements, but the Desert Rock category fits pretty well. I like the interplay between the guitar and bass. “Dreamstate” is a little more upbeat. A swift riff takes the song forward, with some light Progressive elements in the meter. This song reminds me a bit of THE CURE, without the vocal style however. “Apraxia” is smooth and even-keeled. The vocals bring a more positive feeling to the song. Here some of the psychedelic elements are a little more noticeable.

“Portal” is another upbeat offering with a simple, yet effective riff that has a bossy tone to it. The bass moves along with the riff at times, and breaks out at others. This instrumental has some real energy to it. “Roots Between Rails” has more traditional blues notes as well as a bluesy outlook on life to boot. It moves with a depressive swing, like a lone guitarist lost in his sound, smoking a cig, and closing his eyes to feel the music better. “Threatmill” closes the album, at just under nine minutes in length. It stars with a sultry swing from bass and guitar. From there, it’s a relatively smooth ride without a lot of bumps.

Overall, this was a pretty solid sound for the style. Even if you don’t care for Psychedelic/Desert Rock, this album should appeal to many fans under the vast umbrella of Rock ‘N Roll in general. It has a good mix of both depressive and positive sounds, and the blues influence in much of the album is noted. It’s easy to find solace and energy in the music at the same time.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Imperious Hand
2. Cocoon
3. Avarice
4. Dreamstate
5. Apraxia
6. Avers & Reverse
7. Portal
8. Roots Between Rails
9. Threatmill
Record Label: Independent


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